U.N.: “Bring Back Our Girls” from Boko Haram and Sterilize Them?

Allegedly, the United Nations pushed abortions and sterilization kits on girls rescued from Boko Haram. Life Site News reported: “UN’s attempts to push abortion on Boko Haram victims is ‘geared toward depopulation’.” The United Nations is currently locked in a war of words about whether it is promoting abortion to young African women abused and impregnated by the Islamic extremists, with the nation’s Christian leaders saying the UN is trying to depopulate the largely Christian country. More Read more […]

South African Warriors Take on Boko Haram without Hashtags

It takes some veteran South African warriors to show us how to deal with terrorists. One of the things that I hated about the Iraq invasion was that Blackwater (now Academi) gave mercenaries a bad name (at least as far as the media reported). While the military could conceivably use private contractors to evade certain legal requirements (which could be either good or bad depending on the nature of the requirements), when mercenaries work directly for the military they are barely private any more. But Read more […]

If Nigeria Adopted Saudi Arabia’s Laws On Homosexuality Would John Kerry Shut Up?

Nigeria got a real tongue-lashing from John Kerry. Little African nations full of minorities are supposed to do what we tell them to do. To the devil with their voters and their elected office holders—just call us up here in Washington DC or, as we like to think of it, World Rule Headquarters, and ask us what public policy to adopt. Nigeria just passed a law that not only prohibits same-sex marriage but penalizes other homosexual conduct. From CNS News: Of all the problems in Nigeria, including Read more […]

Sunday, Bloody Sunday: Muslims Were Busy Over the Weekend

Sunday proved to be a very productive day for Muslims. Great strides were taken, and with explosive gusto, to convince the world that Islamists are a peaceful people, or at least would be if we infidels would only submit and stop forcing them to commit acts of mass-slaughter. I weep for their plight. Four Buddhist temples and 15 homes were peacefully burned in Bangladesh by Muslims. A Buddhist had insulted their religion on Facebook, they claimed. And who would want to do that? A Sunday Read more […]