Unless This Man Is a Liar, You Live in a Police State

A police state is a place where you can have guns pointed at your head because someone made a phone call about you. Surely Alex Horton must be lying. We can’t possibly live in a police state. Right? The Washington Post must be publishing lies. Horton claims he had guns pointed at his head because of a leak in his dishwasher. Of course, there were more steps than that. Horton’s landlord knew the leaks would take time to fix so he moved Horton from his apartment to another model apartment Read more […]

Million Dollar Settlement for Police Raid: Not Enough

A police raid that left a baby’s face disfigured and caused over a million dollars in medical debt got settled for a mere million dollars. Normally, when I hear someone won a million dollar settlement from a local government I think of it as if the person had just won the lottery. This time, the police who raided a house when they should have known there was a child present are the ones have just won a lottery. The taxpayers of Habersham County, Georgia, will be forced to pay up and Read more […]

Being Disfigured by Fire a Just Penalty for 0.1 Oz Marijuana?

A woman never got her day in court before getting disfigured by fire from a police grenade. Any time you discuss the penalties that are imposed in some Muslim countries you usually find most Americans, whether Christian or not, blame Islam. The reason why a thief (a repeat offender) can get his hand cut off is because that is what Allah demands. So is stealing a less-serious or more-serious crime than possessing one tenth of an ounce of marijuana? Yesterday Newser.com got on the bandwagon Read more […]

Police without Body Armor: Let It Become a Trend!

Editorial note: Sadly this relative calm in Ferguson did not last long. See update here. After nights of pictures and footage of police in full body armor in Ferguson, Missouri, we were greeted to stories like this headline at Newser.com: “Ferguson Tensions Ease as Police Ditch Armor.” It wasn’t just about ditching the armor, as wonderful as that was. It was also about different behavior. The police walked among the rest of the people as if they weren’t a separate class. After several Read more […]

Cops Burn Baby’s Face By Tossing Explosive into His Bed

The child is in a medically-induce coma. Here is a picture from WSB-TV: Here is what the child used to look like. Here is a picture of the portable crib with the side blown out. Now here is a news show about the incident in which you can have the exquisite experience of seeing and hearing the sheriff sound as if the parents were at fault for not leaving a sign on the front door in day glow letters: DEAR COPS PLANNING SURPRISE ATTACK ON US; PLEASE DON’T THROW RANDOM EXPLOSIVES Read more […]

No Knock Raids Need to Be Stopped to Save Policemen’s Lives

KXXV-TV News Channel 25 – Central Texas News and Weather for Waco, Temple, Killeen | The video is outdated. One of the Police officers died. A Killeen police officer has died after being shot in the line of duty Friday.  Detective Charles “Chuck” Dinwiddie succumbed to his injuries at Scott & White Hospital in Temple, just after 2 p.m. Sunday afternoon.  Dinwiddie, along with three other officers, were shot while serving a search warrant Friday.  Authorities went to a four-plex apartment Read more […]

Are We Supposed To Get On The Floor And Beg For Mercy When We Hear An Intruder Break In?

A man heard a gang of men break into his house at around 4:30 in the morning. He grabbed a knife. There is no mention in the new reports about him seeing one of the intruders and attacking him with the knife. The intruders were the police, of course. A federal jury has awarded $250,000 to the father of a Maryland man killed by a SWAT team serving a search warrant at his home. The Baltimore jury last week found that four officers from the Cambridge police department violated Andrew Cornish’s Read more […]