Most People Don’t Know Much About Second Amendment History

The first line to Sam Cookes’ song “Wonderful World” goes like this: “Don’t Know Much about history.” And that’s the way liberals want to keep most of the nation. History’s a great teacher, but too many of us found it boring. But it comes in handy when we’re trying to protect our freedoms. Knowing some history about what our founders thought about what it means to “bear arms” can go a long way to shut the mouth of someone who does not know much about history. In 1999, Read more […]

Hate Crimes are Often Self-Inflicted to Make Conservatives Look Evil

Floyd Elliott of Independence, Missouri, told police that two people attacked him in the parking lot of his apartment complex in what he claimed was a hate crime. He said the attackers cut him in the stomach, branded him with a hot knife and attempted to carve the word “fag” on his forehead. Investigators were suspicious about the report because the head carving was backwards, as if done while looking into a mirror. Later, Elliott admitted to police that the injuries were self-inflicted. Can Read more […]