Push for New Pro-Abortion Law in Ireland Built on a Lie

Ireland is known as a “Catholic country.” It’s had a strong anti-abortion history. Like in most Western nations, there has been a push to weaken anti-abortion laws. Ireland is no exception. What the pro-abortion lobby needed was a catalyst. The abortionists found it in the person of Savita Halappananvar. It was claimed that Ms. Halappananvar required an abortion to save her life. She was denied an abortion because of Ireland’s anti-abortion laws. As a result she died. Here’s how the Read more […]

Rape Victim Stands Up for Todd Akin

It’s hard for men to speak out on the issue of abortion and rape. First, men do not get pregnant, and second, men rarely get raped by women, although it does happen. Rape is not about sex. It’s about power and domination. So when Todd Akin used the phrase “illegitimate rape,” it sounded chauvinistic. Is there any other kind of rape? Isn’t all rape “illegitimate”? By definition, rape is illegitimate. I believe the reason so many men like Sean Hannity and Mitt Romney threw Akin Read more […]