The Foreign Policy Shell Game and Iran

First of all let me say this, “The Iranian leaders are bad people”. But that’s also my opinion of the Chinese leaders, Russian leaders, and frankly, the European technocrats too. I’m equal opportunity when it comes to central states and foreign policy. I do not like any of them. But a question keeps rolling around in the back of my mind, “Why does the United States hate Iran so much?” Really it doesn’t make any sense. I know, I know, they were chanting death to America the other day. Read more […]

Are We Now in Danger of Nuclear War?

Have you considered the danger we face of nuclear war? Wednesday I told a good friend I believed the next two years are perhaps the most dangerous the United States has ever faced. Thursday, I find this. “Russian General Calls for Preemptive Nuclear Strike Doctrine Against NATO.” A Russian general has called for Russia to revamp its military doctrine, last updated in 2010, to clearly identify the U.S. and its NATO allies as Moscow’s enemy number one and spell out the conditions Read more […]

Norman Podhoretz: Let’s Mass Murder Iranians

Podhoretz uses the same excuse that Obama used to try to get us to blow up Syrians. This homicidal bloodlust needs to be ejected from anything that would claim to be “conservative.” In addition to being murderous, it is also extremely stupid. Only months ago the Obama-Kerry regime tried to use the same Iraqi trick to go kill Syrians. In that case they actually claimed that “we knew” that Bashar al-Assad had used chemical weapons. It was a deadly lie. And then, of course, there is Read more […]

Why You Should Rethink Iran: The Conservative Talking Points Aren’t Conservative

So, if you are following the news sources that Conservatives usually follow, and that I follow, you might get the idea that the current temporary “deal” with Iran is a horrible move. Obama is an appeaser and this is another Munich. Israel’s security is at stake. On and on we go. Iran has an Islamic government that isn’t friendly toward Western values. Like most Islamic governments their official position is hostile to Israel; they support Hezbollah, which is a terrorist organization. So Read more […]

Nuclear Tensions Heating Up Between Israel and Iran

This past weekend, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was interviewed by CBS for Face the Nation.  In the interview, he said: “We’re closer than the United States.  We’re more vulnerable. And therefore, we’ll have to address this question of how to stop Iran, perhaps before the United States does.” According to Iran, their nuclear program is for the production of energy and medical purposes only, all civilian uses.  Their newly elected President Hassan Rohani says that he will Read more […]