Nullification? Easy As One-Two-Three!

One of the prized pieces of advice I gave my children when they graduated college is this:  “MOST EXPERTS AREN’T.” So, why do “experts” on the political right insist on serving as our own worst enemy? I sit in disbelief at rallies and community meetings while attorneys, gun rights advocates, and lobbyists tell us there is no such thing as nullification, and even if there was, “there is no procedure for nullifying unconstitutional federal or state laws.” Horse hockey. It’s Read more […]

Georgia Lawmakers Move To Nullify The Affordable Care Act

When you value freedom, the fight against tyranny never stops. Keep pressing forward; find new tactics; don’t give in! Monday, Georgia will become the latest State to put a torpedo in the water, aimed at the petty tyrants and spineless wimps who inhabit Washington DC. From the Washington Times website: Four Georgia State representatives announced today they would be introducing legislation to block Obamacare in their state. Following the lead of South Carolina, where lawmakers are fast-tracking Read more […]

Obamacare Takes A Break: Employer Mandate Delayed Until 2015

At least individuals will still be forced to comply with purchasing insurance products, so that should make the “pro-choice” liberals happy. But as for the employer mandate that forces businesses with 50 or more full-time employees (those that work at least 30 hours per week) to provide health insurance products for their workers, it will be delayed for a year. But not to worry; the Treasury said it will work on streamlining the process over the next year. Can’t wait. But I thought Obamacare Read more […]

Nullification Efforts On The Rise

States who are growing tired of the overreaching tentacles of the federal government have been enacting legislation that tells the Feds “no” on issues ranging from medical marijuana, gun control, healthcare and drivers’ licenses. The Associated Press reported that by its analysis, about four-fifths of the states have such laws: “The recent trend began in Democratic leaning California with a 1996 medical marijuana law and has proliferated lately in Republican strongholds like Kansas, where Read more […]

Missouri Legislature Nullifies All Federal Gun Control

And what’s even better is that the measure is backed by a veto-proof majority. This means that as long as those representatives that supported it initially are willing to support it again (in the case of a veto from the Governor), it will become law on July 1, regardless of what the Governor does or doesn’t do. Kansas was brave enough to take the lead in the fight against federal gun control. And now the Kansas Governor and Secretary of State are duking it out with Eric the “Fast and Furious.” But Read more […]

Kansas Governor Signs Watered-Down Nullification Bill Into Law

We’ve seen many states propose legislation that nullifies federal power grabs like Obamacare or the TSA. While some of those efforts may have passed the respective state Houses, most of them haven’t made it to the governors’ desks. And when they do, we don’t know whether or not the governors will agree to sign them. In Kansas, Governor Sam Brownback signed a bill into law that originally nullified any federal action pertaining to gun control. It read, in part:  “Any act, law, treaty, Read more […]

How to Nullify ObamaCare if You’ve Got the Guts

State Representative Mike Ritze from Oklahoma will be proposing a bill that nullifies ObamaCare. No, nullification isn’t when all the white conservatives demand that we bring back black slavery to the states. Nullification happens when the states tell the Feds, “Don’t you forget that we created you, and that we’re sovereign to you. We’re not going to abide by your unconstitutional laws, and if you try to force them on us, you’ll find your agents in jail.” Ritze’s bill isn’t just Read more […]