Believers In Global Warming See What They Want to Believe

Since I recently posted about government food and nutrition “science,” perhaps I should revisit bad science in another area. We are having unseasonably warm weather right now. Here is a recent Associated Press video: For at least one of the people interviewed, the weather is obviously the result of “global warming.” He complains of those who resist the belief. To Associated Press’s credit, the description of the video acknowledged the real scientific consensus: A weather pattern partly Read more […]

Junk Science is the Norm for Diet Studies

Two scientists blow the whistle on how the government-diet complex is completely dependent on junk science for their dogmas. If you want to know why the stuff being imposed on school lunches and pushed by Michelle Obama seems so insane, you need to realize that modern “food science” is a joke. People often blame corporate corruption for affecting food guidelines. Others also blame vegetarian ideology (along with influence from climate change superstitions). There are cases to be made for Read more […]

Nutrition Guidelines will Oppose Meat for the Environment

The fact that they can’t oppose meat for nutritional reasons should tell you something. I warned about this earlier because it was plain what the committee planned to do. Now the Hill reports, “Vegan diet best for planet.” A federal panel that helps set federal dietary guidelines is recommending Americans eat less meat because it’s better for the environment, sparking outrage from industry groups representing the nation’s purveyors of beef, pork and poultry. The Dietary Guidelines Read more […]

Let Government Protect your Health and Get Big Mistakes

Those who think it is the government’s job to protect your health need to think about what happens when the government is wrong. The way begins the story is revealing and revolting: “It looks like Americans will be able to eat their eggs guilt-free soon.” As if Americans should allow their consciences to be taken captive to government edicts. The real lesson here is that the government has no business acting like a Pope over health and science, dictating to us what is healthy Read more […]

Government Outlawing School Bake Sales? Just Say NO!

From the National Journal: “The Government Is Cracking Down on School Bake Sales: States are trying to circumvent federal nutrition standards that would limit sugary foods at school fundraisers.” Barely a month after federal regulations for school cafeterias kicked in, states are already pushing back. Specifically, they’re fighting nutrition standards that would considerably alter one of the most sacred rituals of the American public school system: bake sales. Twelve states have established Read more […]

School Nutrition Association “Sells Its Soul to the Devil” — Opposes Michelle Obama on School Lunch

Stanley Garnett resigned from the SNA in protest, saying, “They sold their souls to the devil.” By “devil” he meant food corporations which provide income to the SNA. While this relationship to food companies could appear to be a conflict of interest, there are more plausible reasons why the SNA completely changed their minds and reversed themselves on the new school lunches that Michelle Obama is championing. Victor Skinner explains on the EAGnews blog, SNA officials rightly point Read more […]

Michelle Obama’s Nutritional Bait And Switch

CNS News thought this was newsworthy because Michelle Obama said that mothers in America are “confused,” “bewildered,” and “defeated” by grocery shopping. She was referring to food labels and advocating better ones. I’m as opposed to the FLOTUS and her ambitious, greedy ways as anyone, but I think we should give her speech a bit more attention to figure out what is going on with our government and our grocery shopping. (Also, to give the devil her due: kudos to Michelle for affirming Read more […]