Get Used to the Police State

Martial law is the new reality. According to NBC News, “Heavily Armed Anti-Terror Police to Guard Times Square on New Year’s.” Nearly 6,000 police officers — hundreds of them with long guns, radiation detectors and bomb-sniffing dogs — will be guarding New York’s Times Square as a year punctuated by terrorist attacks draws to a close, officials said Tuesday. The NYPD and the FBI unveiled plans to protect the more than 1 million people who will throng to the Crossroads of the World on New Read more […]

NYPD Says You’re Helpless with a Workplace Shooter, but They Will Arrest You if You Carry

If a workplace shooter comes to your office, you had better be able to run and hide because the police won’t be there in time to help you. This headline from reads as if the police are doing us a favor by giving us helpful information: “NYPD: Your Desk Won’t Save You From a Shooter.” Most mass shootings happen in the workplace and most of them are over before police get there, according to the New York City Police Department, so workers need to know how to react. The NYPD held Read more […]

Federalization of Police Watch: BATFE Joins NYPD

The Federalization of police means that national taxpayers are forced to pay for local law enforcement. Happening now! From CBS New York: “CBS2 Exclusive: ATF To Join NYPD In Fighting New York City Gun Crimes.” [I]n an unprecedented move, a federal agency is joining the effort to get gun crimes under control, CBS2’s Marcia Kramer reported Monday. Kramer is told it was a collective decision made by the federal government, the NYPD, the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York, Read more […]

Rikers Island Claims Its Prey: Freed Man Kills Himself

A young man held as a teen on Rikers Island for three years without trial, takes his own life. What happens to you when you, as a teen, spend three years in jail without even a trial, with about two of those years spent in solitary confinement? What kind of person do you become? What kind of personality do you develop? I wrote about this back in October 2, 2015. I might not have noticed that it is time to update the story, sadly, had it not been for Rand Paul who shared the news on Facebook. Kelley Read more […]

Counterterrorism is NYPD Term for Dealing with Protesters

In New York City does counterterroism mean threatening protesters with long rifles and mounted machine guns? The answer is yes, except the New York Post story does not explicitly say “mounted” machine guns. It says the vehicles will come “equipped with” machine guns: The NYPD will launch a unit of 350 cops to handle both counterterrorism and protests — riding vehicles equipped with machine guns and riot gear — under a re-engineering plan to be rolled out over the coming months. The Read more […]

Rank and File NYPD, Please Revolt for All our Sakes!

The rank and file NYPD are being pressured to resume revenue arrests.’s headline asks, “Police Revolt Ends,” but it is unclear if the headline means they’ve stopped a revolt against de Blasio or against their own supervisors who are making them do things they don’t like. The New York Post, as I wrote about earlier, had panicked that, in the wake of the killing of two policemen after Eric Garner’s death, police were not making “low level” arrests as much as they used to. To read Read more […]

Judge to NYPD: Secret X-ray Vans Need to be Open to Public

The NYPD argued it did not have to honor FOIA requests about their secret X-ray vans. So how do we know that they are never using the x-ray technology without a warrant? The NYPD has been operating in secret for a long time so this story should surprise no one. reports, “Court: Time for NYPD to Explain Its X-Ray Vans.” Perhaps you didn’t know they had x-ray vans that can scan nearby objects. They can reveal what is in closed and locked cars, for example. If the police are Read more […]

News Story Changes When “Thug” Is “Officer”

The language of a news story shifted in amazing ways from the earlier version before we learned the attacker was a cop! He was a “hulking brute.” He was a “thug.” And he did things: he attacked, he grabbed, he shoved, he “grabbed her in an unprovoked attack,” and then “he ran away, smiling.” But that was before the paper learned who the attacker was. In the later story in the New York Daily News, it became mostly passive voice. The victim “was put into a bear hug,” Read more […]

New York Post Whines for More Arrests

Newspaper panicked that cops won’t make more arrests over “minor crimes.” In the first place, let’s be clear about the New York Post’s narrative. They are claiming that current police behavior is driven by fear of being shot. Their headline cries: “Arrests plummet 66% with NYPD in virtual work stoppage.” And the reason for this horrible decline in productivity? It’s not a slowdown — it’s a virtual work stoppage. NYPD traffic tickets and summonses for minor offenses Read more […]

De Blasio Can’t Control His Police State

The lesson here is that, when you run a police state, it runs you. Cops who live in New York City vote, but there are lots of other voters as well. Bill de Blasio, who is as vile and disgusting a politician as we have in this country, naturally needed voter support to win. So, like any politician who wants to win an election, he put together a coalition that he hoped would win him the prize of running the organized crime syndicate that is the New York City government. (Note: I’m not denying Read more […]

Shooters are Guilty for Shooting, not Protesters

When people commit homicides, the shooters are guilty and not anyone else. The police should stop blaming protesters. [Editor’s Note: This post applies to attempts to shut down criticism of police by blaming critics for the deaths of innocents (as following the links will confirm). It does NOT apply homicidal morons chanting for the death of police. In my opinion, those people are guilty whether or not anyone acts on what they say.] So, as you probably know, there have been some deaths Read more […]

Facing Facts: Would an Eric Garner Jury Have Found Guilt?

I was upset with most of this article, “11 Facts About the Eric Garner Case the Media Won’t Tell You,” even though I appreciate Newsmax and the writer: Sources in the mainstream media expressed outrage after a grand jury declined to indict a New York City policeman in the death of Eric Garner, but there are 11 significant facts that many of them have chosen to overlook: There is no doubt that Garner was resisting an arrest for illegally selling untaxed cigarettes. Former New York Read more […]