New World Order Recruits a Global Police Force

U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch announced at the United Nations on Wednesday that the Department of Justice would be working with several major metropolitan police forces, starting with New York, to create a globe-girdling police force targeting “violent extremism.” Yee-haw. It’s on like Donkey Kong. New York Mayor Bill de Blasio made it clear that his city has joined 25 other cities worldwide because the global police force will target “intolerance.” “The Strong Cities network will Read more […]

Black Families, Poverty, and the Barack Obama Regime

How have black families fared financially under the Barack Obama Administration? Not well. A couple of days ago I read a fascinating column by Thomas Sowell over at “Race, Politics, and Lies.” Among the many painful ironies in the current racial turmoil is that communities scattered across the country were disrupted by riots and looting because of the demonstrable lie that Michael Brown was shot in the back by a white policeman in Missouri — but there was not nearly as Read more […]

Immigration to Account for 81% of U.S. Population Growth

Amid a record surge of both legal and illegal immigration, the U.S. Census has issued a new report that estimates that within eight years the United States will host 51 million immigrants and immigration will be more than 80 percent of all population growth. The figures underscore the importance of immigration to the country, and they should make clear why America cannot allow an uncontrolled flood of illegal immigrants or a president who willfully enables them by ignoring existing laws and making Read more […]

Russia Pushing All Obama’s Buttons

It was one of those head-shaking moments, darn near historic in the stupidity it represented at the top levels of the Obama Administration. Secretary of State John Kerry, who by the way served in Vietnam, finally admitted in congressional testimony this week that Russia had lied about the presence of its troops in Ukraine. “The question asked earlier,” he said, “about … how they present things and the lies about their presence in Ukraine and the training, I mean, you know, it’s stunning Read more […]

Released Gitmo Inmates Join ISIS

Remember all those predictions that inmates released from Guantanamo Bay would just go right back to the same Islamist terror groups they came from? This is where conservatives get to say “told ya so” to their liberal acquaintances. Go ahead, I’ll wait. Intelligence sources have informed Fox News that as many as 30 former Gitmo inmates released in the past three years are believed to have enlisted in ISIS, al-Qaida and other Islamist organizations inside Syria. Of the 620 inmates released Read more […]

More Obama Administration Lawlessness, More Missing Emails

In the Obama Administration lawlessness has reached an unprecedented peak. Barack Obama promised his would be the most transparent Administration in American history. Yeah, I’ll give them that: This is the most transparently corrupt Administration ever—and that’s really saying something. Lawlessness of this magnitude cannot help but lead to lawlessness at every level of American society. The Daily Caller provides the latest example: “Obama Official Deleted Emails Sought by Congress.” The Read more […]

Texas Sending Troops to the Border

Texas Gov. Rick Perry announced Monday that he will send up to 1,000 armed National Guard troops over the next month to protect the southern border due to the Obama Administration’s “lip service” on the illegal immigration crisis. Perry, who seems to be one of the few political leaders taking the problem seriously, said the troops will not be targeting unaccompanied children crossing the border, but they will be aiming to combat the criminal drug cartels that have been trafficking children north Read more […]

Bordering on Chaos

There are many lessons that can be drawn from the current border crisis, but the most terrifying is the cold truth that there is no one in charge in America. This crisis — for that’s what it is — has been building up for at least two years since the president of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama, made an illegal run around Congress and abused executive authority to enact the Dream Act, a piece of failed legislation that was rejected by Congress for very good reasons, among them that Americans, Read more […]

Hamas Murders Teens, Israel Strikes — Here We Go Again

Israeli Air Force jets struck back at 34 targets in the Gaza Strip after the bodies of three kidnapped Israeli teens turned up, having apparently been tortured and murdered by members of Hamas. We’ve seen this sort of thing countless times before. Because the Palestinian Authority has allied itself with Hamas, the jokingly named “peace process” is about to plunge into another cycle of violence. President Obama, demonstrating his usual pro-Muslim insight, warned Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu Read more […]

White House: Border Crisis Driven by ‘Criminals’

The White House is supposedly “surging” resources to the southern border to deal with the tidal wave of illegal immigrant children, even as it surges truckloads of kids to Republican-dominated states and towns in what is certainly just a strange coincidence. Officials say they are alarmed by the number of children, many unescorted by any adult, swarming across the border, sometimes on the order of hundreds per day. The White House has finally admitted that “rumors” of amnesty and free government Read more […]

Obama Sticks a Toe Into Iraq

President Obama has been such a laggard on the subject of Iraq that the joke just the other day claimed that he was sending in troops, but they were Iranian. Now, he really is sending in the troops, a whopping 275 of them. Rather, that’s “as many as up to” 275, which could mean fewer. And they’re not going in to set anything to rights, just provide cover fire for fleeing embassy personnel. Let’s hope that if they need to call for backup, no one at the White House gives a stand-down order Read more […]

The Truth About the IRS Scandal? The Computer Ate It

Ah, those dear old days of school, when you hadn’t done your homework and told the teacher that Rover, the faithful family dog, had mistaken your project for kibble. Such excuses are a little less endearing in grown-up life, especially when they involve matters such as turning over evidence in a congressional investigation. The latest bit of stonewalling by the IRS in Congress’ investigation into the targeting of conservative groups for harassment involves the unlikely tale of two years of Read more […]