Gallup Poll: It’s Still Bush’s Fault

A recent Gallup poll indicates that two-thirds of Americans still blame Bush for America’s current economic woes. Though about a third of Americans blame Bush and Obama equally, most of us continue to lay the blame for the economic crisis squarely on the shoulders of the man who retired from the presidency more than four years ago. Apparently, it’s still Bush’s fault. There are a number of issues at work here. For one, economic policies don’t have immediate economic effects. For another, Read more […]

Joe Biden: Obama’s Presidential Insurance Policy

On Wednesday a Gallup Poll reported that President Obama’s approval rating was at a 9-month low — 45%. Why the popularity needle has not yet hit zero is certainly a question worth asking but on Tuesday evening Joe Biden demonstrated, yet again, why Obama’s numbers are a moot point. Biden might be as bad as what is already in place. Joe Biden, effusively praising then-Senator Obama and Democrat presidential candidate for being “clean and articulate,” was selected as his vice presidential Read more […]