Will Obamacare Be Repealed?

Obamacare’s repeal is going to Barack Obama’s desk, and notorious pen, to get vetoed. I have been pretty cynical about this repeal because Congress could have defunded it and forced Obama to make hard choices instead of merely having to veto this legislation. Instead, they funded everything Obama wanted. But Chuck Donovan claims at the Daily Signal, that despite Obama’s veto power, the Affordable Care Act is doomed. This week, the House of Representatives will clear a bill to repeal the Affordable Read more […]

Overregulation and the Failure of Obamacare’s Biggest Co-op

I’ve covered the collapse of many Obamacare co-ops, and how they failed because they were built on Liberal/Socialist ideas. Here’s some confirming evidence from the Daily Signal: “How Overregulation Led to the Collapse of Obamacare’s Largest Co-Op.” A new report examining the collapse of Health Republic of New York, Obamacare’s largest co-op, said its failure—which may lead to a $265-million loss of taxpayer dollars—can be attributed in part to heightened regulatory control by the state. According Read more […]

Another Obamacare Co-op Bites the Dust

The hits just keep on coming! Amid the spate of bankrupted Obamacare co-ops there was one that was still going strong. But, now we learn, not so much. The Associated Press reports, “Lone Profitable ACA Insurance Co-op Losing Millions.” The lone health insurance cooperative to make money last year on the Affordable Care Act’s public insurance exchanges is now losing millions and suspending individual enrollment for 2016. Maine’s Community Health Options lost more than $17 million in the Read more […]

Obamacare Is a Socialist Fantasy

The big news about UnitedHealthcare bailing on Obamacare may make people forget about the failed Obamacare cooperatives and, more importantly, why they failed. Despite the widespread belief that expert planning was involved in the Affordable Care Act, it is pretty obvious that these co-ops were thrown together as the embodiment of a bunch of Liberal/Progressive cliches. They were doomed to fail. According to Reason.com: A government program being poorly run is nothing new, of course. But the Read more […]