There Are More Reports of a Clinton Obama War

New York Post claims Obama’s Chief of Staff started email scandal as part of Clinton Obama War. I’d love to say this is confirming proof of my suspicion that the Clinton email scandal was started by the Obama White House. It seems obvious but that’s not the same as saying that there is proof. A week ago I responded to Ted Cruz’s claim that the prosecution of Bob Menendez was politically motivated. Cruz claimed that Menendez’s challenge to the Obama Administration on the issue Read more […]

Obamas Complain of all the Bias They’ve Faced

It’s certainly a rough life where you get to attend black tie dinners and eat at fancy restaurants on a regular basis. Just imagine the difficulties of having to struggle through that while being black. Well, President Obama and the first lady finally stopped holding back (like they ever did) and vented to People magazine about all the bias they’ve faced as a wealthy non-white couple. First off, Barry has in the past had trouble catching a cab. As everyone knows, that only happens if you’re Read more […]