Martin Bashir Apologizes & Sarah Palin Dared Speak Of Slavery

Most of my posts take on a tone of outrage. When I saw Martin Bashir’s attack on Sarah Palin I couldn’t figure out a way to express how outraged I was, so I just mocked him a bit and pointed out that he had created a rationale for telling many slaves to shut up and stop whining. Now Bashir has apologized by saying he is so sorry he was dragged down to Palin’s level. (Here it is. Listen to it; read it. Tell me I’m wrong.) And, of course, it is one hundred percent fraudulent. Bashir didn’t Read more […]

School Takes Offense To Girl’s NRA T-Shirt

Haley Bullwinkle is a 16 year old sophomore who attends Canyon High School in Anaheim Hills, California.  She is a very patriotic student who also believes in the Second Amendment. A couple of weeks ago, Haley was running late for school and quickly grabbed a t-shirt, put it on and headed off to school.  When she arrived on campus, a security guard stopped her told her that she had to change her shirt or she would be suspended.  Not wanting to be suspended, Haley wore a shirt that the school Read more […]

NAACP Wants Civil War Portrait Removed From Government Building

Don’t ever doubt that liberal policies are largely based on feelings. It’s why liberals have so mastered inspirational political campaign ads. It’s also what inhibits their ability to be reasonable. Being reasonable requires rationality, objectivity. Emotions are important in life, but they do hinder rational thought. One recent example can be found down in Lee County, Florida, where hanging in the commission chambers is a portrait of the County’s namesake, General Robert E. Lee. Not caring Read more […]