Who Defines Bullying?

According to Fox News affiliate Fox 19, a boy at a private catholic school in Cincinnati, Ohio, was suspended after engaging in a staring contest with a female classmate. The incident occurred on a Monday, and school officials were contacted by the girl’s family the next day. The school spoke with Tolbert’s son the same day, a Tuesday, but didn’t inform his parents of the situation until Wednesday. By then, the boy had already penned an apology letter to his classmate. According to court Read more […]

“Reverence for Life”? Abortion in the Name of Love?

For Rev. Laura Young, executive director of the Ohio Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, apparently killing babies is a blessed event. When talking about her stance on abortion, Young said, “There is a reverence for life that happens in this clinic.  And the decision to get an abortion is often a really, really, spiritual decision. Even if someone personally wouldn’t get an abortion, they should at least understand this.” In the name of tolerance and loving your neighbor, Rev. Read more […]

Ohio Lawmakers Might Protect People from Asset Forfeiture

A bill has been introduced that would take away asset forfeiture from state police and block them from working with the Feds. One problem with asset forfeiture is that, even when a state limits the police from stealing from people, they can still work with some federal law enforcement agency. When they do so, the Feds can perpetrate asset forfeiture and then share the plunder with the local law enforcement organization that is working with them. Ohio might take action to eliminate it all. The Read more […]

Could the Liberal Anti-Gun Position Crack Up?

Is it possible the Liberal anti-gun position might crash against the Liberal suspicion of police? I know this is a long shot, but let’s think optimistically. Liberals would like to make guns illegal. That is understood. But the fact remains that Liberal politicians have largely failed to get the nation to enact and enforce stricter gun laws. They have had a few successes where they dominate, but they have also had many failures. And conservatives have insisted on giving Americans more Read more […]

Guess Why a Cleveland Cop Got His Job Back

The police department tried to fire a Cleveland cop but the police union presented a winning defense. A police officer got into a bar fight while drunk and, in the altercation, “lost” his badge and his official firearm. He waited days before reporting them missing. His supervisors attempted to fire him. They failed. A Federal arbitrator (why do we have a system where a Federal authority has jurisdiction in a local police disciplinary matter?) ruled that the cop must be reinstated. One Read more […]

Police Training Exercise Sends Pregnant Bystander to Hospital

A police training exercise shows how dangerous weapons should not be used around bystanders. A couple of days ago I posted about an “active shooter drill” in Winter Haven, Florida, where police invaded a school full of shocked and scared students. At least one police officer running into the building with a drawn firearm had it loaded with bullets. Far from apologizing and promising to never do it again, the police department insisted that terrorizing students with the fear of being shot Read more […]

More News about the Police Shooting in Walmart

Two news stories appeared almost simultaneously about the police shooting in Beavercreek, Ohio. You may remember that this involved a gentleman who was shot to death for “waving” a firearm. Once the man was killed by police, they discovered that he had an air gun that was being sold on the shelves of Walmart. The family is insisting that he was never pointing the gun at anyone. The key witness who called 911 in the first place has agreed, changing his story. The first story is from NPR: Read more […]

911 Caller Now Says Police Shooting Victim Never Aimed Toy Weapon

Less than a month ago I posted about a police shooting victim at a Walmart in Beavercreek, Ohio. Allegedly he was pointing a firearm at people, but some insisted that he was merely carrying an airgun that Walmart sells. The person who originally called 911 in Walmart and reported that a man was aiming a gun at bystanders made different statements to the Guardian. When Ronald Ritchie called 911 from the aisles of a Walmart in western Ohio last month to report that a black man was “walking Read more […]

Riots Are a Choice! Comparing St. Louis to Beavercreek, Ohio

// So here is a young African American man who was gunned down by police. Police say they acted appropriately and rationally. Others contend that it makes no sense. It looks like John Crawford scared someone because he wanted to buy an air rifle. His wife was on the phone with him when he was shot and insists the police story cannot be true. His parents want the store video of the incident to be handed over because they are certain it will vindicate their son. As WCPO reports, Crawford’s father, Read more […]

Company Refuses to Hire Homeschoolers Because They Don’t Have a Legal High School Diploma

What I find maddening about this is not the fact that the company refused to hire a homeschooler. Even though the fact that they actually made a job offer and then rescinded that offer is extremely annoying, it is still not the most insane part of this story. What strikes me as especially insane is that this company is acting as if homeschooling is not legal in Ohio. From the Home School Legal Defense Association: NiSource, Inc., an Indiana-based energy distribution group with operations in Ohio, Read more […]

Cops Bust Man For Hiding Empty Space In Car

Ohio State troopers have truly amazing powers of observation. They stopped Norman Gurley on a routine speeding violation. But, the sharp-eyed officers noticed “several wires running to the back of the car.” So, rather than figuring it was none of their business whether or not Gurley’s vehicle had wires, they followed them and found a secret compartment in the vehicle. I’m curious about what sort of secret compartment uses wires that anyone can casually notice by looking in the vehicle. Read more […]

Finding Out What’s In It: Congress Passed Another Bill Without Reading It

I supposed if I refer to “that dam bill” someone will think I am swearing. But in this case I’m referring to the funding of a dam on the Ohio River. It was in the government budget/debt ceiling bill and not many who voted for it knew it was in there: McCain told Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren Wednesday he had “never even heard of” the project and questioned why it had been included in the bipartisan plan to end the budget crisis. “They stuck in some stuff which, of course, they couldn’t Read more […]