Ignore Early Childhood Education And Become A Gold-Medal Olympian

Some of the most damaging propaganda we hear is the incessant campaign claiming that, if children miss out on early education, they will be doomed losers for life. Our political class keeps pushing that message to get our children boxed in the institution of public school at a younger age. I’ve written about it here, here, and especially here (and probably other places). I was reminded of this issue when I saw the headline on the Today Show website: “Gold medalist Jamie Anderson’s mom: I didn’t Read more […]

Disney Drops World Class Athlete Because of Sexual Double Life

Just one day after former world class Olympic runner Suzy Favor Hamilton “admitted to secretly being a Vegas escort, E! News confirms that the all-star athlete will not be participating in the Disneyland Half Marathon, were she was scheduled to speak. . . . News that Hamilton is on the outs with the kid-friendly company comes on the heels of the 44-year-old married mother’s shocking admission that she moonlighted as a Vegas sex worker.” I find Disney’s break with Ms. Hamilton strangely odd. Read more […]

Why Liberals are Scared to Death Right Now

Otto Scott (1918– 2006) is credited for coining the phrase “the silent majority,” that was later made popular by President Richard Nixon. Scott wrote a speech for the CEO of Ashland Oil, “The Silent Majority,” that was delivered to the Chicago Men’s Club May 23, 1968. Scott was a journalist and author of corporate histories who also wrote biographies on notable figures such as the abolitionist John Brown, James I of England, and Robespierre. There has been a majority of people in America Read more […]

Team USA Questioned for Winning Big

The USA Men’s Basketball team has been tearing its way through the Olympic competition, as expected. But what wasn’t expected was a controversy over their complete domination of Nigeria on Thursday. The United States crushed the Nigerians 156-73 setting a single game scoring record (previously held by Brazil with 138), and moving the Americans to 3-0 overall. In the post-game press conference, coach Mike Krzyzewski was put on the defensive by accusations of “running up” the score. As usual, Read more […]