“New Strategy” against Terrorism: More Police but No Second Amendment

I don’t mean the Second Amendment is explicitly opposed (though that happens often enough), but this Reuters story on strategy for fighting homegrown terrorism doesn’t even mention it. U.S. officials, faced with an evolving threat of deadly attacks by homegrown extremists, are rethinking their strategy on battling domestic terror after Wednesday’s assault that killed 14 people in San Bernardino, Calif., the New York Times reported on Saturday. The United States should beef up airline security by Read more […]

Could the Liberal Anti-Gun Position Crack Up?

Is it possible the Liberal anti-gun position might crash against the Liberal suspicion of police? I know this is a long shot, but let’s think optimistically. Liberals would like to make guns illegal. That is understood. But the fact remains that Liberal politicians have largely failed to get the nation to enact and enforce stricter gun laws. They have had a few successes where they dominate, but they have also had many failures. And conservatives have insisted on giving Americans more Read more […]

Starbucks Backpedals On Allowing Gun-Carrying Customers

Starbucks apparently didn’t appreciate “Starbucks Appreciation Day,” where open gun-carrying customers would come in to their local Starbucks to support the coffee purveyor for their alleged support for the 2nd Amendment. In Newtown, Connecticut, the Starbucks there actually closed down the day that a Starbucks Appreciation Day event was planned, because the company thought that all the gun-toting coffee-imbibers would make all the unarmed customers uncomfortable. Now, Starbucks is making Read more […]