Unions Grab Power over Fast Food Franchises

Fast food franchises are now about to be plundered. This was not a defeat in the courts or in the legislature. It came from the executive branch—though not from an executive order (for once). Instead, the gift to unions came from Barack Obama’s appointee to the National Labor Relations Board, Richard Griffin. Ernest Istook explains in the Washington Times: Mr. Griffin has declared that millions of Americans who work for franchise restaurants aren’t merely employees of the business owners, Read more […]

Organized Crime as Police Department?

It is a really convenient situation for the United States to have Puerto Rico nearby. We can divert people from noticing our sins by pointing the finger at theirs. Don’t get me wrong. Their problems need to be fixed. But it is amazing to me how many people (I imagine) can read this story and not wonder about what is going on in their own municipality. From CNN Justice: “Puerto Rican police indicted for running ‘criminal organization’” Sixteen current and former police officers in Puerto Read more […]

Eric Holder, Enforcer for “Too Big to Jail” Banks

Meet the man whose job it is to protect the biggest criminals in the world. In a 1999 memo entitled “Bringing Criminal Charges Against Corporations,” written when he was deputy U.S. attorney general, Eric Holder argued that government officials could take into account “collateral consequences” when prosecuting corporate crimes. That memo has resurfaced at a time when Holder, now U.S. attorney general, faces increasing criticism for the Department of Justice’s reluctance to bring Read more […]

Illinois Exemplifies How Big Government & Big Crime Go Together

When most people think of tyranny, and totalitarian government, they think of rigid rules and harshly enforced laws. But what tyranny and big government really involves in the majority of cases is a lot of politically-connected law breakers. Regulations provide opportunities for bribery or kickbacks in many different ways. Laws can be selectively enforced so that some criminals get protection and provide an unofficial income stream to the ones responsible for enforcing the law. In a democracy, criminals Read more […]

What? LBJ A Criminal? How Shocking!

I have no idea if Lyndon B. Johnson had a hand in the public execution of John F. Kennedy. The list of suspects is so long I don’t see how anyone would figure it out. I am pleasantly surprised that Fox News gave TV coverage to a book fingering LBJ as the main perpetrator. Even if the thesis is wrong, it will at least provide readers with more reason to doubt the official lone gunman theory—which richly deserves doubt. But what I do find grotesque is the response the Fox & Friends host Read more […]

Boycott Australia

In the wake of the bored teens’ attack on Australian baseball player and student Chris Lane, former Australian Deputy Prime Minister Tim Fischer suggested that his fellow Aussies boycott the U.S: “It is another example of murder mayhem on Main Street. People thinking of going to the U.S.A. for business or tourist trips should think carefully about it, given the statistical fact you are 15 times more likely to be shot dead in the U.S.A. than in Australia, per capita.” While he might champion Read more […]