Obama’s War on Kids

During the presidential campaigns last year, we often heard references to the war on women and occasionally we heard about the war on immigration.  But no one spoke about the war on kids, which is being waged big time by President Obama and his fellow Democrats. There are thousands of kids in America that have been orphaned for one reason or another.  They live in homes and orphanages throughout the nation.  Many of these homes and orphanages rely on donations to help them provide a shelter, Read more […]

Pure and Undefiled Religion

What passes for Christianity these days is really nothing more than baptized statism, i.e. 21st century Christianity has less of an issue with an omnipotent government than they do with an omnipotent God. Similar to the church in Ephesus (Revelation 2:4), American Christianity has “left its first love.” Rather than viewing the Church as the change-agent for modern civilization, we have traded away our ecclesiastical birthright for a steaming pile of tax-exempt pottage. The governmental usurper Read more […]