Osama Bin Laden Wanted To Liberate Obama From Capitalism

Poignant, powerful, educational. Must see. Robert Sirico completely nails it, when he describes the dark impulses behind the economics destroying America today: envy, sloth, pride. The root problem in America is not political, economic, or social. The root problem is moral and spiritual. The root problem, is that we don’t love each other, and have suppressed who we are, and Whose we are. The solution, is to recover those truths. The solution, is the Good News Jesus of Nazareth proclaimed Read more […]

Re-creating 9-11 Via Syria

The Independent reports, “Jihadists see Syria insurgency as just the beginning of a Middle East revolution.” Shortly before its operatives killed 14 Iraqi Shia children in a school bombing this month, the group once known as al-Qa’ida in Iraq sent guerrillas into northern Syrian villages with orders to reopen local Sunni classrooms. In a series of early-autumn visits, the militants handed out religious textbooks and backpacks bearing the group’s new name: the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. A Read more […]

Fort Bliss Mum to Obama

An August 31 speech given by the president to soldiers at Fort Bliss, Texas, was yet another reminder of Obama’s dismal approval among American troops. The Daily Caller reports that his speech “was greeted with fleeting applause and extended periods of silence.” Obama tried several times to engage the crowd to little avail. Unlike Democratic voters, soldiers cannot be pandered to. One would be forgiven for wondering why he even tries to rally the troops to his cause. The lingering stagnation Read more […]

Is support for the troops only ‘bumper sticker deep’?

A poll taken in May of this year revealed that only 27% of Americans support the war in Afghanistan, with 66% opposing it. This shouldn’t be incredibly surprising given the near-complete media silence on military activity there. Most Americans have heard next to nothing about Afghanistan since May of 2011, when President Obama told America how he had killed Osama bin Laden. For all intents and purposes (props to TheBaldGuy), most Americans (at least 66% of them) were under the impression that the Read more […]