The U.S. Gov Kills Civilians Indiscriminately and Everyone Knows It

When Barack Obama kills civilians “by accident” he knowingly commits acts that we condemn as terrorism when others do them. Interesting headline: “Pakistanis see double standard in drone strikes, ask Obama apology for civilian deaths.” And here’s a choice quote: “the death of innocent civilians, regardless of their citizenship, is something that the U.S. government seeks to avoid if at all possible.” —U.S. Government statement I call “balderdash!” It is always “possible” to avoid Read more […]

Another Christian Martyr in the Making; Where Is U.S. Gov?

Supposedly, the United States is the champion of human rights all around the world, and should thus intervene in the case of any Christian martyr in the making. But that means forcing other nations and cultures to accommodate homosexual delusions of marriage, not helping out Christians in danger of death by government for being Christian. Our government would prefer to issue public warnings to weaker nations against taking the Bible seriously. It is more important to force a majority-Roman-Catholic Read more […]

Child Rape Permitted for the Sake of Political Correctness and Ethnic Diversity

When the Roman Catholic Church is accused of permitting child rape, the Left goes into a self-righteous frenzy. Maybe all you Liberals should do some soul searching as the story is broken about Rotherham, a town in northern England with a population of little more than a quarter million. 1,400 children were abused—including many serious rapes, group rapes, and threats (like being doused with gasoline and threatened with a match)—between 1997 and 2013. That’s what a government report Read more […]

Impeachment Chronicles: The Obama Administration Is Reportedly “Debating” Cold-Blooded Murder

According to a February 11th New York Times article by Mark Mazzetti and Eric Schmitt, the Obama administration is debating whether to authorize a lethal strike against an American citizen living in Pakistan. The Crime committed by this person?  Well, we really don’t know and, of course, if this person is killed by a drone strike authorized by Barak Obama we never will know, will we? We’ll just have to put all our faith in Barak Obama and allow him to decide who lives and who dies. Forgive Read more […]

NSA: You Can’t Drone Kill Without Us

Hassan Ghul may sound like a Batman villain but he was supposedly an affiliate of Osama Bin Laden before we supposedly killed him using a drone. The Washington Post has released a story about how the NSA intercepted an email from him to his wife which allowed them to determine his location and give the CIA the information they needed to send a drone after him. The documents came from Edward Snowden but this is one secret that the NSA will certainly try to use to their own advantage. The NSA is “focused Read more […]

Imperial Terrorism and the US Drone “Double Tap” Policy

A recent article in Business Insider with the provocative title “It is Now Common Knowledge that US Drones Bomb Civilian Rescuers” is making the rounds on the internet. Based on a report from Reuters, it makes the claim that U.S. drones typically “double tap” targets. This would mean that it is the normal protocol for drones to strike a target, wait for a period of time, then hit the same target a second time (hence the term “double tap”). The second hit would be likely to hurt civilian Read more […]

Muslims Burn Over 150 Christian Homes and 2 Churches

Islam, the supposed religion of peace, has developed a hair trigger when it comes to the slightest hint of blasphemy against their prophet Muhammad.  It doesn’t matter if the claims of blasphemy are true or not, as just the suggestion that someone said anything negative about Muhammad is enough to insight a violent reaction.  One is guilty until proven innocent, and in most cases that is too late to save the accused. Case in point is what just took place in Lahore, Pakistan where it was reported Read more […]

Federal Judge Sides With Obama Killing Innocent People In Drone Strikes

On Wednesday, a federal judge ruled in favor of the Obama administration after the New York Times had sued the Department of Justice and other federal entities for more information and legal justification for the President’s drone strike policy. U.S. District Judge Colleen McMahon all but agreed that it was important for Americans to know why the Obama administration feels justified in killing so many people overseas on mere suspicion of being tied to terrorist organizations and without evidence, Read more […]

Barack Obama to Be the Next American Idol Judge

If you’re like me, you don’t keep up much with feuding celebrities. My main source of celebrity news is the grocery store checkout lane. There was apparently some fight going on between Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj. I know who Maria Carey is. She’s the one that has the “8-octave” vocal range, and she can make her voice sound like a whistle. As for Minaj, I have no idea who she is. But I’m glad our president does. He seems to be acting as sort of an arbiter for them. Thank goodness he’s Read more […]

Why We Should Cut Foreign Aid To the Middle East

You’ve no doubt heard this quip: Foreign aid is taking from poor people in a rich country and giving it to rich people in a poor country. It’s nothing short of international welfare. Conservatives are traditionally opposed to national welfare and state-wide welfare. How much more should we be opposed to international welfare? Does foreign aid even accomplish its stated goals? Has giving more money to dictators that we helped prop up actually helped to stabilize the region or just make matters Read more […]