Madeline Albright: World We Made Is “a Mess” and We’re Doing a Great Job’s report on Madeline Albright demonstrates how the ruling class takes credit for talking “boldly” or “straightforwardly” about horrible situations that they themselves have created. And no matter what their record they always assume they are the most qualified to fix those situations. Usually I think the financial sector is the most powerful demonstration of this phenomenon where the people who caused the problems and had no clue about the problems are given unquestioning credit Read more […]

White House ‘Erases’ Jerusalem From Israel Map

Was it the hand of God that swept away Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the Golan Heights from Israel? No, just the idle hands of the liberal wannabe godlings at the White House, making clear where the Administration’s opinions lie. A map of Israel issued as part of a video briefing on President Obama’s Israel trip shows the “international community” borders of Israel — that is, the borders that the Muslim losers of the Six Day War who dominate the U.N. wish Israel had. Based on the map’s Read more […]

Is Israel Nearing the “Final Solution” of Palestinian Problem?

Israel, in an effort to protect itself from Palestinian terrorists, has decided to create a Palestinian-only bus service. This is another way of saying that Palestinians will not be allowed to ride on any public buses other than the designated ones. Israeli officials are saying it is just too much of a risk to have Arab passengers on board since they are such a danger to Israeli society. Other Israelis are saying the Palestinians should be happy, since now they have their own transportation system. But Read more […]