How Religious Liberty Is Being Killed and Replaced

Christian commenter points out the conflict between religious liberty and erotic liberty. Atlanta’s fire chief was fired for his Christian beliefs, and Al Mohler clearly sees the storm clouds fast approaching (“Religious Liberty vs. Erotic Liberty — Religious Liberty is Losing”). A flood has been unleashed, and it denies real First Amendment freedom in favor of “Erotic Liberty.” Erotic liberty is new on the scene, but it is central to the moral project of modernity — a project Read more […]

Priestess Susan Rice Speaks for The New American Pansex Theocracy

“For the faith community, how can we reinforce to religious groups that God loves all the children of his creation equally?” Good ol’ Susan Rice—she’ll say anything for her paycheck. Anything. (Well, maybe not anything; she does seem to specialize in the outrageous and untrue.) A few other choice quotes to set the context, courtesy of the White House Office of the Press Secretary: It’s great to be here, and particularly great to see such a wonderful collection of faith leaders, human rights Read more […]

How Long Before We See a U.S. Version of “Do It For Denmark”?

This ad addresses an extremely serious problem. Denmark is facing a winter that will be colder than anything they are used to in that country—a Demographic winter. From the Life News website: Danish travel company Spies Rejser has introduced a campaign to encourage Denmark natives to procreate. Specifically, the company has launched a competition encouraging couples to schedule their vacations during the woman’s ovulation cycle in the hopes that they will conceive during their travels Read more […]

“Coming Out” As A Pansexual Statist

So the Newser headline is “Maria Bello Comes Out In NYT.” I thought I knew what “coming out” now means. And, sure enough, Bello revealed to her son that she is “romantically” involved with another woman. But Bello did not exactly come out that way. She entitled her column “Coming Out as a Modern Family.” It’s hard for me even to define the term “partner.” For five years I considered my partner to be a friend then in his 70s, John Calley, with whom I talked daily. He was Read more […]

“Quiet Campaign” to Get GOP to Punish Christians

The Washington Post is writing posts for some imaginary world where we don’t all already see that there is a massive push to get the Republican Party to abandon real marriage in favor of a doppelganger that includes same sex pretensions. Today: “Gay rights supporters wage a quiet campaign to push Republicans to the middle.” Quiet? Then how come we all know about it? Newsflash: the Republican Party is already in the middle. Most Republicans I know of want nothing to do with reinstating anti-sodomy Read more […]