HIPAA and How it Affects Parenting

It’s every parent’s nightmare.  You get that phone call in the middle of the night delivering the horrific news that your child was in an accident.  You rush to the hospital, numb, but ready to serve as your child’s advocate and to make all the right decisions about his care.  When you get there, you’re told that you have no say in his care.  Ok, then, you wonder: why did they call me?  Oh, yes, you are the party responsible for the financial obligations.  You can pay, but you can’t say! For Read more […]

Amanda Todd: A Victim of Parental Neglect

When liberals talk about bullying, it is usually the harmless, schoolyard variety, such as I endured in elementary school. Nothing physical; verbal taunts, jokes about my red hair and freckles, mockery for not being in the know about certain things that kids my age really ought not to have been in the know about. You know, the things most kids go through; the things that make kids stronger; the things that liberals nobly but pointlessly try to shelter their kids from ever experiencing. The bullying Read more […]