Parents Threatened for “Enclosing” Children in Park?

Why are parents threatened for letting children play? Remember the series of horror stories we heard about parents leaving their kids in vehicles? Well, just recently a Maryland mother was charged with allowing a child under the age of eight “to be locked or confined in a dwelling, building, enclosure, or motor vehicle while the person charged is absent.” The only problem with this is that the children were not locked anywhere. They were not confined to any “dwelling, building, enclosure, Read more […]

It’s Official: We Just Torture Parents Now

A mother left three small children in her car. So now she’s facing criminal charges: “cruelty to children.” Makes sense right? Leaving a child in a car is a way to kill them. Any parent who would do such a thing must be horribly negligent. Such parents should be prosecuted as criminals in a civilized society. Except this Rock Hill, South Carolina mother didn’t leave them in the heat. She left them in a running car with the air conditioning on. But that is still evil. Someone might Read more […]

State Legislators Compelled To Outlaw Tormenting Children For Chewing Food Into Vague Gun-Shapes

Let me begin this post with a personal anecdote. True story: I was once arrested for participating in an abortion protest. It was a standard banana-republic arrest and charges were dropped because there was no basis for arresting us. But I got to spend a night in jail—a rather light version where all us pro-lifers got to sack out together. The room was quite familiar to me—the paint, the décor, the cinderblock wall underneath. It was the same as every American schoolroom I had ever been inside. Moving Read more […]

20 Armed Police And Social Workers Forcibly Take Children From Parents For Homeschooling

Dirk and Petra Wunderlich have four children ranging in age from 7 to 14.  As parents, they have been homeschooling their kids for the past couple of years because they don’t want them indoctrinated with the government propaganda. This Thursday at 8 a.m., their kids had just begun their lessons for the day when their house was stormed by 20 armed police, special government agents and social workers.  The children were captured and taken away.  Dirk and Petra were told that they would not Read more […]

California Parents, A Girl May Be Sharing Bathrooms and Locker Rooms With Your Sons

Parents, how would you feel if you learned that there was a girl using the boys’ bathroom and locker room with your son?  Would it matter if you son was in 5th grade or a senior in high school? If you live in California, prepare for this to happen to you and your son.  In fact, it is going to happen in the Arcadia School District, west of Los Angeles.  Ninth grade boys at one of the schools will have a girl sharing their bathrooms, locker rooms and showers thanks to pressure exerted on the Read more […]

Pregnant Teen Sues Parents to Prevent Abortion

What do you do if your sixteen year old daughter told you she was pregnant? Would you love her and support her, even though you’re disappointed in her or would you demand that she have an abortion? That’s the situation in a Texas family.  The sixteen year old daughter, identified only as R.E.K., wants to keep her baby.  However, her parents are demanding that she have an abortion. According to a Fox News report, the teenager, who is 9 weeks pregnant, had been living with her boyfriend’s Read more […]