Yet More “Nothing To Support” Obamacare As Predator Drone For Jobs

I have to admit I am still shocked by the brazen lying on the part of Steve Benon on behalf of the Rachel Maddow’s campaign for Regimecare: As a substantive matter, the right-wing senator’s argument is predicated on an assumption: the Affordable Care Act will put working-class Americans out of their jobs. He said as much in his little speech: “We know that Obamacare is killing jobs all across the country. Indeed, Obamacare is the biggest job killer in this nation.” The problem, of course, Read more […]

33 Shocking Facts That Are All Obama’s Fault (But Will be Blamed on Bush)

The other day Rush Limbaugh spoke of an article posted on Zero Hedge. If you’re not already — you should become a regular reader. The article entitled “33 Shocking Facts Which Show How Badly the Economy Has Tanked under Obama.” Okay, it’s a bit wordy but it does alert you. After reading it I couldn’t let it go without editorializing on at least some of the 33 facts. If you’re an Obama sycophant, you may want to make yourself a little sign to hold up while reading. When you feel “The One” Read more […]