Political Fraud in Kansas

Harry Reid set up a total political fraud on Kansas voters and has no fear of voters making him pay. The most disappointing thing about current American “leadership” is not simply that none of them will do things in the light—from lying about campaign support to hiding budget proposals—but that American voters tolerate such malfeasance, and never take liars and thieves to task by kicking them out. I would rather have honest, hard-working, transparent, and less polished representatives Read more […]

Is This How Obamacare Compromise Happens in GOP?

Obamacare compromise is one of the big things that conservatives need to watch for in this new Senate. Dr. Milton Wolf ran for the Senate seat in Kansas but Republican Pat Roberts won. I went to Roberts’ senatorial website and thought he had some good ideas (and some not so good) about healthcare. But is Roberts the Senator planning on being the conservative that Roberts the threatened candidate sounded like? On his twitter account, Wolf posted an image of Roberts own claim while he was running Read more […]