Pat Buchanan to GOP: Don’t Throw Away 2016 Over Iran

What has happened over Syria and Obama’s and Kerry’s attempt to bomb it was a real shocker. The Republicans listened to their constituents and refused to endorse the plan. Kerry tried to bluster his way through, but he couldn’t pull it off. Back in 2000, George W Bush ran on a “humbler” foreign policy that rejected “nation-building.” Reprisal attacks after 9-11 were completely understandable and necessary, but nothing that happened made nation-building a workable plan. Yet that is Read more […]

Pat Buchanan on AWOL Pope

Let me begin by saying I’ve loved a bunch of things Francis has said and done… he has wonderfully focused people on the needs of the marginalized and downtrodden. In other ways—and perhaps through a failure to grasp how easily words can be misconstrued—he’s left me shaking my head with statements that seem to minimize the need for adherence to what is true and good. (It also appears his economic views owe virtually everything to leftist nonsense, and very little to revealed truth.) It’s Read more […]

Pat Buchanan: Republican Politicians Hate Republican Voters And The Media Applauds

The media/liberal (but I repeat myself) hysteria against the Republicans in Congress who are demanding that Obamacare be delayed a year are being treated as if they were evil. Yet all they are doing is (1) honoring the wishes of the voters who put them into office and (2) ignoring the wishes of Wall Street money or other people who are not in their district. Here we have a situation where, for once, our government is not being completely run by an oligarchy. There are a sizable number of people Read more […]