Will the American Flag and Pledge of Allegiance Return to the Classroom?

I attended public schools from kindergarten through high school in two different states.  In every school, our day was started with the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States.  We were taught proper flag etiquette, what the flag stood for and to be proud of America. When I look at the American flag, I can’t help but think about all of the hundreds of thousands of Americans that gave their lives or parts of their bodies defending that flag.  Like millions of other Americans, Read more […]

Former Marine Flies Flag at Home and Receives Citation

Many men and women that spend time in the military fighting for the freedoms guaranteed by the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights. My dad is one of those men.  He enlisted in the US Navy in 1940 and was discharged in 1946.  He spent the majority of World War II in the Pacific theater.  He was at the battles of Saipan, Midway and Bougainville among others. Although he was an enlisted man, he had a good relationship with the captain of his ship.  Dad operated the captain’s skip better Read more […]

Arizona High School Graduates to Swear Oath to Constitution?

Scandal is once again rocking the streets and social media pages of Arizona where a group of Republican legislators are asking for the unthinkable.  They have proposed a bill that would require all graduating seniors to take a loyalty oath to the Constitution of the United States of America.  Worse yet, the end of the oath has them, oh this is almost too scandalous to say out loud, but it says, ‘So help me God.’ Bob Thorpe (R-District 6 in northern Arizona) along with 5 other Republican Read more […]

Obama’s Brand of “Economic Patriotism”

Obama is running an ad where he promotes his idea of “economic patriotism.” He read the following off his teleprompter: “It’s time for a new economic patriotism rooted in the belief that growing our economy begins with a strong, thriving middle class.” He didn’t really define what he meant by “economic patriotism,” but I can only imagine that he wants people to feel patriotic not toward their country, but toward him and his policies. Yes, we do need a strong, thriving middle class, Read more […]