Even Establishment Economists See The Bank Run Coming…

I’ve said it, and you don’t listen to me… so how about when a former Harvard economics professor says it, on PBS? Before I explain, let me disclose that I have been a stopped clock of criticism of the Federal Reserve for half a decade. That’s because I believe that when the Fed intervenes in markets, it has two effects — both negative. First, it decreases overall wealth by distorting markets and causing bad investment decisions. Second, the members of the Fed become reverse Robin Hoods as Read more […]

Shutdown Austerity: No Money for Kids’ Cancer Treatments; PBS, NPR Still Get $445 Million

I wrote the other day that I was waiting for Big Bird to make the headlines amid this government shutdown, lamenting to his young viewers that due to the Republican-led shutdown, he wouldn’t be able to be on the TV anymore. Well, he’s made headlines, but not for that reason. The headline is that he’s still getting paid big bucks while children’s cancer treatments get halted. You can’t get more “political leverage” than kids with cancer. (Well, I suppose what would top that would Read more […]

The Pansexual Left and Children’s Television

The Telegraph reports, “Jimmy Savile engineered his hit television shows to gain access to children he could abuse, the former policeman who helped expose the late entertainer as a paedophile has claimed.” Savile, as a celebrity with amazing access to the British government, including the marriage counselor to Prince Charles and Lady Diana (and yet they still broke up! How surprising.), gained enough leverage to custom design TV shows that would give him access to underage girls and also boys. Read more […]

Romney’s War on Sesame Street

The Obama campaign released an ad accusing Romney of wanting to bring down Big Bird. The ad is sure to sway the undecided voters to swing Obama’s way. (I’m joking.) The truth is that I can’t even imagine Obama supporters thinking that it will do anything but elicit mockery and ridicule from everyone. We’re $16 trillion in debt, and all the Obama campaign can think of to really get back at Romney is his alleged opposition to…Big Bird? The accusation is based on one of Romney’s statements Read more […]