The Limits of Government Surveillance? For Now.

Story: Air Marshal Adam Bartsch was on duty Thursday when the incident occurred on a Southwest flight from Nashville to Tampa, according to an affidavit. A witness saw 28-year-old Bartsch snapping photos underneath women’s skirts, grabbed the cell phone and brought it to the attention of a flight attendant. Bartsch was removed from the flight and taken into custody. He admitted to taking 10 to 12 photos underneath women’s skirts. Officials say he’s taken similar photos several times Read more […]

Peeping Tom Photographer Legal According To Judge

How would you feel if you learned that a photographer took pictures of you and your kids through your windows and then made those photos public?  Your family may feel safe and secure in your own home or apartment, but according to one judge, that isn’t the case. Arne Svenson claims to be an artist as he takes photographs of his neighbors through their windows in Greenwich Street area of New York.  Like any peeping tom, Svenson looks through his neighbors windows and photographs them, including Read more […]