The IRS Needs To Be Abolished On First And Fourth Amendment Grounds

After the IRS was caught in shameless criminal political warfare against conservatives, you would think that the powers that be would go slow for awhile and wait for the scandal to blow over. But that is not happening. They are doubling down. The lesson here is that the plundering of the IRS are not their worst feature. If all they did was loot us, we would be immeasurably better off. The IRS is another form of the NSA. They are an organization whose main purpose is domestic spying. By finding Read more […]

IRS Surrenders: Time For Churches to Get ‘Political’

The jig is up. The news is out. Pastors across America have called the left’s bluff. The empty words “separation of church and state” – a phrase found nowhere in the U.S. Constitution – have lost their sting. Yes, “separation” still applies, but only insofar as it requires the state to remain separate from the church. That is to say, that government not interfere with the free exercise of either speech or religion. For decades, hard-left anti-theist groups like the ACLU, People Read more […]