On Not Counting as an American Anymore

The Supreme Court has officially told every Christian that he can’t think of himself as a full American; he’s a target for marginalization. I’m hearing a lot of really silly and naïve people tell (taunt) Christians about how they shouldn’t care if homosexuals can “marry” or think they can. It is true, this being America and all. I understand that, along with the Christian heritage, there is a patriotic tradition (one that I don’t entirely disagree with) of allowing each person Read more […]

How Gay Marriage Will Save the Evangelical Church in America

In a matter of weeks, the U.S. Supreme Court will rule in Obergefell v. Hodges, and is widely expected to impose homosexual marriage on the whole of the United States. There has been some speculation as to what the implications of such a ruling will be. Given the hysterical reaction to Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act, along with the cases of florists and bakers who have been made to pay exorbitant fines for having refused to serve homosexual weddings, it is clear the goal of the homosexual Read more […]

Canada Warns Us of the Coming Christian Persecution

Is more Christian persecution coming in America in the name of “gay rights”? Canada’s recent history makes the answer obvious. Events in Canada are a clear warning to Christians in America: Your business, your professional position, your ability to serve and even simply live in the community may come into question, depending on the Supreme Court’s decision at the end of June on the definition of marriage. This is reviewed quite thoroughly at Crisis Magazine: “Same-sex “Marriage” and Read more […]

Casual Christianity Is Over for Americans

The death of Casual Christianity gives us hope for a resurrection and transformation. Here is a perceptive editorial at the Washington Post: “The end of casual Christianity.” For conservative Christians, a psychological adjustment is taking place. In a de-Christianized culture, it becomes harder to imagine yourself part of a “moral majority.” This was never quite true, but now, with the decline of casual Christianity, it is incredible. So how do 62 million evangelical Christians and other Read more […]

Our “Allies” in Saudi Arabia Move to Persecute Christians

If the President was truly a Christian, he would address our alleged “friends” in Saudi Arabia about this atrocity—after all, when your family is arrested for praying, you do everything possible to correct the injustice. From the Daily Mail: “Dozens of Christians ‘including women and children’ are arrested in Saudi Arabia after tip-off to state’s Islamist police force.” Islamist police in Saudi Arabia have stormed a Christian prayer meeting and arrested its entire congregation, including Read more […]

Freedom of Religion in the Military – Use It or Lose It

How do you defend freedom—the freedom of religion or any other freedom? By exercising it—even at the risk of punishment. The Founders risked everything—everything—to bring us the precious gift of civil liberties. Too many today won’t risk their job, pension, or even a promotion to stand for what’s right. This Rear Admiral demonstrates true courage in publicly standing against immoral directives handed down to our military leadership. From the Political Insider: “BOOM! In Two Read more […]

Your Tax Dollars at Work: 8 Christians Crucified in Syria

No, this is not a “blame America first” headline. I’m well aware that Islamic extremism is responsible for all sorts of evil. But there have been Christians in Syria for centuries. In the contemporary world, we haven’t heard of Muslims in Syria committing atrocities against Christians until the United States government decided that, as overlords of the planet, it was our job to tell Syrians when their regime had to change. Since then, we have empowered a Sunni extremist takeover of Read more […]

An Open Letter to President Barack Obama about a Christian Facing Death in Sudan

From Morningstar News: Meriam Yahia Ibrahim, 27, and her Christian husband also have a toddler son. As marriage to a Christian man is prohibited for a Muslim woman in Sudan, Ibrahim also could be given 100 lashes for “adultery,” the sources said. If convicted of “apostasy” and “adultery,” the whipping and execution would be administered soon after giving birth to her second child, due next month, according to a rights worker for Justice Center Sudan in Khartoum. “We are fighting for Read more […]

Chinese Government Destroys Church & Persecutes Christians

You may remember I wrote about the Chinese Christians who protected their church with a human shield and how they are an example to us all. Sadly, the government has pressed ahead with the destruction it planned. From the Telegraph: “China accused of anti-Christian campaign as church demolition begins.” Demolition teams began destroying parts of a Chinese church that has become a symbol of resistance to the Communist Party’s draconian clutch on religion, activists and witnesses said Read more […]

Good News! Chinese Government Thinks Christianity Is Growing Too Fast

The Chinese government is officially denying that they were ever trying to demolish a large church building. However, in the process of denying they would ever do such an evil deed, people in government made some interesting comments about church growth. According to the Telegraph: Officials denied launching a church demolition movement. However, in a recent speech the provincial official in charge of religious affairs hinted at Communist Party discomfort at how fast congregations were growing Read more […]

How Much Longer Will Christianity Survive In The Middle East?

From the Guardian: Historian Tom Holland has noted how deeply ironic it is, that two devoutly Christian leaders, George W. Bush and Tony Blair, brought about, inadvertently, the final demise of Christianity in the Middle East by invading Iraq. Now the Arab Spring has proven the final knell, as Christians are all too easy targets for extremists and are living in dire jeopardy. The major Christian celebrations are still national holidays in Syria, and this is testament to the fact that Syria has Read more […]

Why Is The US Risking War In the Middle East To Save Muslims But Not Christians?

The news out of Syria seems to indicate that the Syrian government used chemical weapons on their own people.  That has Obama and US officials outraged.  They are preparing to take military action against the Syrian government of Bashar al-Assad.  Russia has warned us not to use military force against the Assad regime and Iran has threatened all-out war if we do. UN investigators are in Syria trying to determine if chemical weapons were used or not.  The death toll is unclear, but the estimate Read more […]