Taxpayers Raped to Study Anal Penetration of Black Youths

Over $400,000 is being spent to “study” the “meaning and function” of first “penetrative same-sex sexual experiences” of Black Youths. I really am not sure what to say about this news story and the Washington Free Beacon: “Feds Spent $410,265 Studying ‘Satisfaction’ Levels of Young Gay Men’s First Time.” The four-year study, being conducted by Johns Hopkins University, is examining the “meaning and function” of first “penetrative same-sex sexual experiences.” “Prior Read more […]

Transgender Nation: Taxpayer Must Pay for Sexual Mutilation

So now, thanks to a recent court decision, the “right” to “healthcare” means the “right” to sexual mutilation, in the name of transgender identity. Here’s the man displaying his “cure” brought to him by the government. Here is NBC News unrelenting partisan propaganda: Denee Mallon marveled at the view of Lake Michigan from her hospital bed in the Windy City, where she had just made history: the then 74-year-old transgender woman underwent a milestone sex reassignment Read more […]

Virtual Unreality: Facebook Allows Users To Choose From 50 Possible “Genders”

One of the great things about cyberspace, for liberals, is that it allows users to immerse themselves in fantasy environments. The user gets trained to expect these weirdnesses as some kind of “human right.” So Facebook, yesterday, began offering fifty different “gender terms” (as Newser puts it). The Associated Press “reported” on this new feature as if they were working as Facebook’s own PR company. You don’t just have to be male or female on Facebook anymore. The social media Read more […]

Transsexual “Woman” Does Everything Topless In Public

An article at the UK’s DailyMail says the above freak’s name is Stacy Schnee, but since it does not detail whether Stacy was his birth name or the name he gave himself, I will simply refer to him as Mr. Schnee. I don’t want to risk calling him Stacy if that’s his self-given name because I refuse to cater to the sexual whims of the deviant among us. This Massachusetts man, this Mr. Schnee with the exposed, solid rack pushing aggressively through his taut skin, at one point in his undignified life, Read more […]