The Organic Scam

“Organic” food is all the rage these days. Enter any grocery store and look for the “organic” label and you will find it to be 1-2 dollars more than the “inorganic” option. Parents looking to give their kids healthier food options are spending more—up to twice as much—in an effort to avoid chemical fertilizers and pesticides. And that is only the vegetables; “organic” meat is in an entirely different price category. What is frustrating about the whole affair is that “organic” Read more […]

Dallas Mayor Uses ‘State of Emergency’ to Spray Entire City With Pesticide

The Dallas, Texas, mayor has authorized the aerial dumping of insecticide over his city. He just declared a state of emergency over the allegedly looming outbreak of West Nile Virus, a virus spread by mosquitoes and has claimed about 1,200 lives over the past 12 years. Other cities in northern Texas have agreed to be sprayed as well. Texas health officials are saying that this year’s West Nile Virus (WNV) outbreak is the worst it’s ever been. Of all the reported cases nationwide, 25% have originated Read more […]