Obama Administration Still Ignores Petition to Pardon Edward Snowden

The petition to pardon Edward Snowden is being ignored for a reason. They want to teach you your place. People might think that the fact that people continue to sign the petition for the President to pardon Edward Snowden and the White House ignores this petition is embarrassing to the Administration. In my opinion, that is a superficial interpretation of what is going on when the White House intentionally ignores a petition and despises the promise it made to respond to such petitions. I think Read more […]

White House Petition Asking Obama To Resign Gains Momentum

A petition has been created on the White House’s official petitions page, calling for President Obama to send in his resignation and spare the nation from further disgrace. It was created a few days ago, June 7, and has until July 7 to collect the 100,000 digital signatures that would require the White House address the petition officially. As of this writing, Day 4 of the petition’s existence, it has already garnered about 13,500 signatures. At the current average rate, the requisite 100,000 Read more […]