Is America Really “Outraged” into War?

We tend to think, or at least most of us tend to think, that when nations, including these united States, make public statements or take policy positions, these statements or positions are based on moral considerations. Actually, I have become convinced that this is NOT the case. A recent article by Josey Wales, on the website known as Liberty, recently brought this home to me. Quoting government sources, Wales points out that the U.S. national debt is now $17,742,108,970,073.37 Read more […]

Are the Saudis About to Sink the Petro-Dollar?

If this is accurate–and the evidence seems to bear it out–it is not good news. If Obama ticks off the Saudis, it’s like having one foot pushed off the edge of the economic cliff on which we’ve been precariously perched. From Hennessy’s View: “King Abdullah Kicks Obama Out of Saudi Arabia?” Apparently, Obama didn’t bow low enough to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. Whatever happened, an “intimate” evening planned for Obama and Abdullah was abruptly cancelled after a two-hour meeting Read more […]

Is The Petro-Dollar About To Be Killed?

Hyperinflation is virtually always a currency event—a blindside hit that national monetary authorities did not adequately foresee, and which is too big for them to control. From Seeking Alpha: Several largely overlooked items came out of China this week. First, the Shanghai Exchange is moving toward trading in petro-yuan. As we have seen with gold, Shanghai is a very effective delivery based market. This helps set the stage for Saudi Arabia to disengage from its 1973 Petro-dollar agreement, Read more […]