National Security Agency Makes Us More Hated Abroad

Despite constitutional protections, the NSA can spy on us and violate our rights with impunity. Face it. We’re outnumbered. Every time you see Keith Alexander dressed up in his General costume as director of the National Security Agency, he is reminding you that his friends have weapons that could easily kill you and your family. On the other hand, the presidents of Mexico and the people of France don’t have any Constitutional protections against the US Government spying on them. But they, Read more […]

Add Snail Mail to Government Spying

Many Americans seemed outraged and violated when they learned that our government had been spying on our all of our phone calls and emails.  If that wasn’t enough, we learned that they have also been spying on our Internet usage, monitoring the sights we visit and our online transactions. In today’s electronic age, the government was using all of the technology they had to spy on Americans.  Nothing electronic was safe from federal prying eyes.  I know of some people who insist on using Read more […]