Paul Krugman Declares War on Pizza

Naturally, he pretends the War on pizza is a defensive action against “partisan” pepperoni. Because Krugman is considered an intellectual leader to Liberals, you can’t simply dismiss his writings with the derision they deserve. He exists to construct rationalizations for the aggrandizement of power and the enslavement of the population. And now he’s set his gaze on the various pizzerias scattered across this great nation. He is constructing a narrative to make the Pizza into the Read more […]

Nanny Bloomberg Denied Second Slice of Pizza

We all would like to see New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg get a taste, or should I say a lack of taste, of his own dietary medicine. I thought it was a joke when I first came across the story. It is a joke. Even so, it’s a funny story that we all wish had happened and hope one day it does. Hats off to the folks at the Daily Currant for making my day. My wife and I had a good laugh. The fictional story reports that Bloomberg was denied a second slice of pizza from the owners of Collegno’s Read more […]

Are Blacks Racist if they Vote for Obama because He’s Black?

Conservatives aren’t the only ones who are questioning the black vote these days. When Stacey Dash, who is black and Mexican, came out for Romney, she was attacked for rejecting her black heritage. She was called an “Oreo” (black on the outside but white on the inside), a “jigaboo” (a weak and servile black), and additional racial epithets. The consensus among outspoken blacks is that a black must vote for Barack Obama because he’s black. Jesse Washington, writing for Read more […]