84-Year-Old Retired General Subjected to Police Brutality?

He said in response to the police brutality, “It’s the first time in my life I’m ashamed to be an American.” Here is the video report of a local media outlet on what happened: The line at the end really gets to me—that if military police under Retired Army General William J. Livsey’s command back in the day had behaved as the police behaved in his house, he would have court-martialed them. According to Mint Press News: This all started when a delivery driver said his debit Read more […]

Woman Tasered for Opposing Illegal Search

Another woman tasered, another illegal search—just another day in our police state with our compliant neighbors. Here’s the situation… Border checkpoints aren’t just for the border. They are for any road anywhere within a hundred miles of any border. That, in case you didn’t know, means two thirds of the population of the United States can be stopped and questioned for driving on local roads. Supposedly, the only reason they are permitted is to check that a person is not an illegal Read more […]

Violent Gang Has Fun When They Catch Thief

The colors of this violent gang appear mainly grey, but you might be inclined to think of them as blue. The victim was a fleeing thief. He deserved some kind of punishment. What he got was an instant punishment on the ground at the hands of a violent gang. At one point he was surrounded by eleven assailants. Journalists watching from helicopter said they saw the man subdued and brought to the ground from the horse he stole. After being subdued, the violent gang spent two minutes working him Read more […]

2 Cops Charged because Suspect’s Girlfriend Investigated

Two cops charged with assault were believed until the accused man’s girlfriend dug up video on her own. This story does not show that all cops are this bad. That is certainly not the case. Nor does this story demonstrate that the victim, Najee Rivera, was some kind of upstanding citizen. From what is reported in the Action News 6 story we really can’t tell. The fact that he tried to run away from police may indicate that he was worried about a crime he committed. On the other hand, he Read more […]

Police Abuse Means Over $1 Million Debt for Baby’s Treatment

Parents of wounded infant due to police abuse are burdened with more than $1 million in medical bills. If you remember, the police abused the baby by throwing a flash grenade into the house. A baby was sleeping in the living room and the grenade landed in his bed with him. And now we have an update from ABC News: “Family of Toddler Injured by SWAT ‘Grenade’ Faces $1M in Medical Bills.” Alecia and Bounkham Phonesavanh never imagined their family would be at the center of a controversy Read more […]

Death Squad Update: Executed Victim Was Face Down when Shot, according to Attorney

I got so angry posting about this homicide that I used the term “Death Squad” for the police raid. Was I using inaccurate hyperbole? For those who don’t have time to follow the link, allow me to recap: David Hooks was a resident of Dublin, Georgia, who is not a young African American with a criminal history and is thus never going to be given national media attention.* David Hooks had his SUV stolen from his house. He reported this theft to the police. The police found the Read more […]

Cop Fired for Not Using Taser

If you want to understand many police headlines, consider this story of a cop fired. You may remember the story of the man who called the suicide hotline and then got killed by police who were sent to his home. The video would be funny as a dark comedy except that it is real! Well this might give you some insight into how that happened as well as into some other headline news about police departments. It is a good story because it once again proves that there are good cops. Sadly, it Read more […]

Grand Jury: No Charges against Jasper, Texas, Cops

A grand jury refuses to indict fired police officers caught in a controversial video. Here is the footage that started the controversy: In this case, the two policemen in the video were fired along with another who conducted a strip search, even though they are facing no criminal charges. Via the Beaumont Enterprise: A Jasper County grand jury cleared two former police officers who were caught on video manhandling a woman inside the police station last year. Ricky Grissom and Ryan Read more […]

Video: Gang Member Plays Knockout Game

I know it is hard to watch, but please view this video as it shows the member of an organization who plays the knockout game with a young man because he is smoking a cigarette. (Note, this is raw footage from the streets of New York so the video contains a few bad words). According to New York Magazine, “NYPD Officer Knocks Out Teen for Smoking Cigarette.” Another day, another video of police brutality. The family of 17-year-old Marcel Hamer has released a cell-phone clip of a plainclothes Read more […]

Police Brutality for Seatbelt Violation

The Hammond Police Department denies that the video below reveals police brutality. Breaking through a car window and using a tazer on a passenger for refusing to leave the car is just business as usual. From Fox 2 Now in St. Louis: Jones refused to identify himself and repeatedly ignored requests to step out of the car after officers feared he had a weapon, Hoyda said. “The first officer saw the passenger inside the vehicle drop his left hand behind the center console inside of the vehicle. Read more […]

Shocker: Sheriff Fires Deputy IMMEDIATELY After Photo of Choking Is Released (Addendum)

This seems to be a story of a law enforcement department that does, indeed, see itself as the servant of society, not as the master. That is surprising in itself. But it is more surprising because this was a situation in which the deputies claimed they were forced to deal with resistors. Despite 22 years with the department, the offender was fired within 24 hours of the incident. WATE reports: The Knox County Sheriff’s Office says they have fired the deputy involved in Saturday night’s block party Read more […]

Call Ambulance For Wife; Police Arrive & Beat You Up So You Need Ambulance Too

Humansville, MO is a small town north of Springfield. There Elbert Breshears lives with his wife. She has dementia. Last week he called the hospital for an ambulance for her. There is some history between Breshears and the local police, but the story does not give us much to go on.  What happened, however, does not show us public servants who want to learn what is going on so that they know how to help. KSPR-33 ABC: Elbert Breshears for an ambulance for his wife who suffers from dementia, Read more […]