NYPD Detective Teaches Immigrant America is Police State

A man made the mistake of doing an ordinary thing in response to a bad driver, not knowing the driver was an NYPD detective. If you were driving along the road and another driver gestured at you, what would you do? Probably nothing at all. If you realized you hadn’t used your turn signal while you tried to park by the road, forcing a driver to go around you, you might make a mental note to be more careful next time. Would you feel you had a right to pull over the driver and harass him for Read more […]

Watch Police Intimidation After Bicyclist Decides to Record Arrest

This is a pretty ugly instance of police intimidation. I highly recommend you watch it: In case it disappears from Youtube, below is the text that accompanied the video. I filled out a PD-99 Citizen Complaint form with MPD Sunday night and submitted it to Internal Affairs and the District 1 Commander. I heard back from Commander Jeff Brown and Captain Brian Harris on Monday afternoon, and again from Capt. Harris Tuesday night. Capt. Harris told me the officers shown were clearly in the Read more […]

Roadside Interrogation: There Is A Time To Submit And There Is A Time To Spit; And The Time To Submit Is Over

The excuse that there has been some kind of “mistake” is no longer available. One time is an anomaly, but twice is a pattern. If you can’t see this is a program designed to acclimate the American people to a noose around their necks, then you deserve the chokehold that is coming. This is how the police state is conceived, or is born, or metastasizes—depending on what stage you think we are in. From the Reading Eagle: “Motorist checkpoint in Reading draws questions.” A private firm Read more […]

Union Political Forces Using Police Raid Tactics Against Scott Walker

From the Capitol City Project blog: Subpoenas have been issued demanding correspondence and donor information of right-leaning organizations and individuals and raids have been conducted resulting in law enforcement officers taking computers and files in a secret investigation, according to reports. “In recent weeks, special prosecutor Francis Schmitz has hit dozens of conservative groups with subpoenas demanding documents related to the 2011 and 2012 campaigns to recall Governor Walker and Read more […]