Man Brings Cat to Animal Shelter; Gets Killed by Cops

A man doesn’t think he should have to show identification in order to drop off a stray at an animal shelter and ends up killed by cops? The blog has a really good post about the import of a man fatally shot in the stomach by police. According to Raw Story: Police fatally shot an Alabama “sovereign citizen” Tuesday during an altercation at an animal shelter. Investigators said 30-year-old Robert Earl Lawrence became disorderly as he attempted to turn over a stray animal Read more […]

Police Fire 600 Rounds at Vehicle; Kill Robbers and Hostage

If you are ever taken hostage by robbers, you had better make your move to free yourself before the police show up. At least that is the lesson from what has been said by the surviving family of Misty Holt-Singh. Three days ago the one surviving bank robber pleaded not guilty in court (source). One of the charges against him was murder. Since the death occurred because he was committing a crime, I think the charge is just. But he didn’t shoot Holt-Singh and neither did his dead partners. From Read more […]

Walking Away from Police Warrants Execution?

You can watch part of the execution here: Here is the “frame by frame” commentary by the District Attorney explaining why it was OK to kill a man on the spot for walking away from police. Twenty-year-old Dillon Taylor was unarmed. He was never a threat to any of the police or anyone else. According to the Free Thought Project: On August 11, Taylor, his brother, and his cousin were exiting a 7-Eleven in an area where police were searching for a suspect who had allegedly been Read more […]

Computer Simulator Helps Grand Juries be “Objective” about Police Shootings

I have mentioned at least one grand jury that made an inexplicable decision to not prosecute a police officer who killed a person who was not committing a crime. But in Harris County Texas, the decisions may be easier to understand. According to Reuters, The armed carjacker projected on a large screen threatens to kill you if you don’t give up your keys. Holding a modified gun that emits a beam, you pull the trigger when he draws his weapon, and seconds later fire again at another person who Read more […]

How Are They Training Our Cops? And Does The News Media Care?

On February 14, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that a police officer had shot and killed a 17-year-old boy: At 7:35 p.m. Friday, two Euharlee police officers went to 937 Euharlee Road, Lot No. 5, to serve two probation violation arrest warrants, GBI spokeswoman Sherry Lang told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Saturday night. Christopher Roupe, 17, opened the door with a handgun pointed at the officers, Lang said. “The officer fired one shot, striking Roupe,” she said. “The officer Read more […]

Gun-Happy L.A. Police Free And Clear: L.A. Taxpayers Stuck With Paying Off Victims

Remember the rampage of the late Christopher Dorner in L.A.? And remember the responding rampage by the L.A.P.D.? The LAPD shot at a pickup truck with two unarmed women—a mother and daughter—in the cab. The truck sort of resembled one that Chritopher Dorner had been reported driving. Even though the truck made no threatening moves, and without warning or calling on the driver to stop, the cops drew and fired. The eight officers unleashed 103 shots. The glass cut the passengers and the mother Read more […]

Show Me Your Hands AND I’ll Shoot: Another Dallas Cop Shoots Unarmed Man For No Reason?

Stealing a car is a serious crime but it is not a capital offense. Furthermore, when you try to execute people it is supposed to be after the trial. From The Dallas Morning News website: For the second time in two months, a Dallas police officer is under scrutiny for shooting a man for no apparent reason. A witness said he watched an officer shoot carjacking suspect Kelvion Walker, 19, Monday afternoon even though Walker had both hands in the air and showed no signs of having a weapon. Walker has Read more […]

Cops Shoot Thirteen-Year-Old Because Second Amendment Is Dead Letter

The cops have been put on administrative leave pending an investigation, because we all know that, if a non-cop shot a kid he wouldn’t be arrested or anything like that. The boy’s mother, Sujey Annel Cruz Cazarez, was grief-stricken in the living room. “Why did they kill him? Why?” she said. At 3 p.m., two sheriff’s deputies patrolling in the area of Moorland and West Robles avenues observed Lopez walking with what sheriff’s officials said appeared to be some type of rifle. The deputies Read more […]