USDA Suiting Up for Combat

I think our government is running a secret program to make Robo-cows to enforce this nation’s dairy regulations. How else do you explain the U.S. Department of Agriculture putting out requests for submachine guns and body armor? Earlier this month, the USDA solicited dealers for an unknown number of .40-caliber submachine guns. The requested weapons would include night sights, rails for flashlight attachments, 30-round clips and oversized trigger guards for use by gloved hands. If that wasn’t Read more […]

This is Your Brain on Pentagon-Funded Chips

With our country on the hook for more than $100 trillion in unfunded liabilities and the latest revenue-raising scheme, Obamacare, rapidly imploding, it’s comforting to know that our government is still capable of focusing on the basic needs of this country — like mind control. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency announced last week that it’s planning to spend $70 million over five years to develop brain implants. That’s brain “implants,” not brain “research.” The raison d’etre Read more […]

California Won’t Require ID Chips — for Now

It’s not exactly dodging a bullet. More like dodging a heat-seeking smart missile that’s going to turn around and take another pass at you. California for the moment has rejected putting infrared identification chips in driver’s licenses. The tracking chips, which are already in licenses in four other states, were approved by the Senate but got held up in the California Assembly Appropriations Committee last week over “privacy concerns.” Saying that the chips raise privacy issues is similar Read more […]

Oakland To Be Next Big Brother City To Spy On Residents

On Tuesday, the Oakland City Council voted to accept a $2 million grant from the Obama administration to build a community spy center.  In hopes of selling it to the public, they came up with the name, Domain Awareness Center.  It’s the same as changing the term socialism to social justice.  It means the same thing only it doesn’t sound so offensive and misguides people into accepting more. The new system will rely on video cameras and license plate readers posted at strategic locations Read more […]

No Butts — Feds’ Surveillance Programs Out of Control

If you want further proof that the NSA’s tapping of phone records and tech companies’ databases is out of hand and way beyond anything ever intended by the Patriot Act, all you have to do is take a gander at the photo released Wednesday through Reuters of Edward Snowden. It’s a picture from 2002, when he worked as webmaster for an anime company, of Snowden with his pants down, seen here. He’s not naked, he’s got a pair of boxers on. His back is turned to the camera, and he appears to be in Read more […]

A Fine Proposal, Part 2

Last time, I talked about how we should abolish all citations and fines for moving/traffic violations. Even if you agree with me, you may be wondering, “Yeah, but how are we supposed to accomplish that?” It does often seem like we all must helplessly accept whatever the civil government decides to shove down our throats. (How about another steaming helping of ObamaCare? Anyone? Bueller?) But in this case, I think there is a very slim possibility we can effectively end fines for traffic violations. Read more […]

Not Insanity; Strategy! Innocent Treated As Terrorist Financiers

One of the problems with horrible tragedies is that evil men get to do evil things while we are in shock and distracted. Thus, evil compounds evil. On December 21 Techdirt posted a story that very few people seem to have picked up on, but which deserves attention. The Office of Foreign Assets Control seized most of the advance money paid to a couple of Americans for producing a comic book. They did so on the grounds that money sent to write the comic book was supporting a terrorist organization! The Read more […]

Another FBI-Assisted Terrorist Attack Thwarted By the FBI

A 21-year-old Bangladeshi national was arrested Wednesday for trying to blow up the Federal Reserve building in New York. But that’s hardly the whole story. The would-be bomber Nafis came to this country in January of this year, and the FBI started monitoring him in July when he tried to make contact with another aspiring terrorist on the internet. This other aspiring terrorist was an undercover FBI agent. For the next 4 months, the FBI helped him plan and coordinate a terrorist attack that Read more […]

The Hot Coffee Bandit and the Second Amendment

In all the arguments concerning gun control, one thing usually doesn’t come up: anything can be used as a weapon and most criminals will commit crimes even if they don’t have access to advanced weaponry. In a recent story, a man robbed a Best Western hotel with hot coffee. Police were unable to find the assailant, who made off with about four hundred and fifty dollars and a cell phone. No wonder he got away… the police probably got held up at Starbucks interrogating the barista turned arms Read more […]

12-Year-Old Girl Tased by Police at Victoria’s Secret

In St. Louis, a 12-year-old girl, Dejamon Baker, was at a Victoria’s Secret with her mother, Charlene Bratton, when police arrived with warrants for Bratton’s arrest. Baker apparently got physically involved when her mother was tackled to the floor, and she was tased twice. The original reason for the arrest: unpaid parking tickets. There are many who will immediately pick up on this story for its sensational character, and, as is often the case, no one will really have all the facts. But Read more […]