The Self-Righteous HomoRepublican Campaign

If Jeb Bush runs, you need to keep this article from Politico Magazine in mind, “Inside George W. Bush’s Closet.” The takeaway for conservatives is that many of the people working on big name campaigns are practicing homosexuals who expect their candidate to do things for them. The opening scenario shows just how deluded and entitled these people are. George W. Bush is treated as a betrayer for holding the same views that candidate Barack Obama held in 2008. Why is he a betrayer? Because Read more […]

People Hate Paul Ryan’s Budget Because Their God Is Debt

I’ve already explained how I think Paul Ryan’s budget does not contain the cuts that we need. So I am not defending it here. But the people who hate Ryan’s budget show themselves to be superstitious fools—though perhaps “madmen” would be more accurate than “fools.” In Politico Magazine, Jared Berenstein writes, On Tuesday, Ryan came out with his latest vision. To me, it’s a highly pessimistic vision, one with a bottom line that basically says America isn’t up to meeting the Read more […]

Nonsense Headlines Show Desperation To Avoid Declaring Obama A Failure used a laugh-out-loud headline today: “Obama’s goal: Avoid ‘Mission Accomplished’ moment.” Ha! I would say he is well on his way of achieving that goal… or even of accomplishing that mission. Here’s the scenario the Obama administration wants to avoid at all costs on Saturday: It declares the Obamacare website fixed, a bunch of cable news network anchors try to log on again on live TV, and they get more error messages. And suddenly, everyone’s showing that clip of George Read more […]

Government Shutdown Theater Was Really National Security Theater?

Jonathan Jarvis, the Director of National Park Services says he’s responsible for closing the open air monuments. According to, he was subpoenaed and testified: “The monuments and memorials on the National Mall do not take care of themselves,” Jarvis told the lawmakers, who had seized on the spectacle of metal barricades around open-air sites like the World War II Memorial. “Our rangers are there to prevent vandalism and impact to the monuments and the memorials. All of those Read more […]

Laziness, Not Just Bias, Is Killing Journalism

The objectivity of the mainstream news media had been in decline for decades when, in 2008, gasping its last breath, it gave itself into the soothing arms of death. As it stands today, it is nothing more than an institutionalized, 24/7, year-round campaign for Democratic politicians. Although objectivity has perished, we are now beginning to see also the pretense of objectivity gradually wither away, with established and highly acclaimed news sources doing a slow, unashamed reveal of their Read more […]