The Right is Exploiting Our Children!

Remember a few months back when an 8-year-old boy from Maryland nibbled a Pop Tart into the shape of a pistol and then shot an Australian jogger in the back because he was bored? Oh that’s right — a Pop Tart is a yummy treat, not a weapon and could never be a weapon. I’m sorry. I got my “gun violence” stories mixed up. Anyway, the eight-year-old Maryland boy was suspended from school. Then, if you recall, he was invited to a GOP fundraiser where he was presented with an NRA lifetime membership. The Read more […]

Is It Muslim Terrorism Yet?

Oh, it’s just a couple of typical American kids — that was Michael Moore’s reaction. The American system twisted a couple of good Chechen boys — from the president of Chechnya. The two boys suspected in the Boston Marathon bombings were angels who are being set up by American officials — the bombing suspects’ parents and aunt said  that. But Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev were not typical, they weren’t angels and regardless of their citizenship status they were clearly Muslim first. The Read more […]

Religion, Politics, and Dinner Parties

It is often said that polite dinner conversations should not include religion or politics. Perhaps it is because dinner hosts prefer peace to hostility, or because both topics are prone to individual monologuing. Either way it is a surefire way to raise the collective blood pressure of your dinner guests. I would suggest that in addition to maintaining peace and limiting long-winded diatribes, another reason to not talk about religion or politics at the table is because they are so closely related. Read more […]

Insurance Move Aimed at Pricing Guns Out of Existence

California, as usual, is leading the Left in wackiness as liberals see their chances for eliminating guns fading after the Newtown slaughter. When the latest nut job massacred a score of youngsters, the Left saw an opportunity to reach their long-held goal of eliminating guns, using a road paved with the bodies of children to achieve their dictatorial goals. What they didn’t count on was resistance from the majority of Americans, including many who identify themselves as Democrats. The result Read more […]

What happened to the Tea Party?

Over at Politico, Joe Scarborough has written a nifty little piece about the Tea Party’s intentions. For years, mainstream and liberal media sources (but I repeat myself) have been taking shots at the Tea Party, claiming that it is trying to destroy the Republican Party. While this tired tactic may work on a few moderate Republicans, Scarborough reveals how ridiculous of a claim it really is. Many have wondered if the Tea Party has served its usefulness. I find this to be bit of a perplexing Read more […]

Debate? What Debate?

It’s fairly predictable. Minutes after the presidential debate, journalists, pundits, and bloggers were aflame with “reasons” why President Obama “won” the debate. After the beating he took in the first debate, it was pretty obvious that Obama was going to come back strong. Regardless of how he really did, it was also apparent that every media outlet was only waiting for the debate to officially end before they published their pre-written proclamation of Obama’s victory. Even if Obama Read more […]

Ivy-Covered Adolescents of Racism

When President Obama took office, he promised to be a “uniter,” rather than a “divider” for the American people. Nearly four years later, America is much more divided than it was, and skin color has become almost synonymous with political party—to the point that support for Mitt Romney among blacks is said to be non-existent (or so say the reliably unreliable polls). Ann Coulter’s new book, Mugged: Racial Demagoguery from the Seventies to Obama, is doing precisely what Ann wanted it Read more […]

Should Christians Be Involved in Politics?

Sometimes Christians are their own worst enemy. There is an ideological battle going on among Christians. Should Christians involve themselves in the world by participating in politics, pursue advanced degrees in education, medicine, science and law, produce films, seek careers in journalism, and develop non-governmental programs for long-term social reform based on a well thought out biblical worldview? Or should Christians spend their life in so-called full-time Christian service and reject the Read more […]

Abortion Doctor Says Killing ‘Ugly Black Babies’ Saves Taxpayer Money

In a videotaped confrontation with pro-life demonstrators, a man identified as Dr. Ron Virmani argues that his abortion practice saves taxpayers money and prevents the babies from growing up to kill people like the recent Aurora, Colo., shooter. He then challenges the pro-life demonstrators to adopt “one of those ugly black babies.” Dr. Virmani apparently also has been a frequent contributor to Democratic Party candidates. As shocking as Virmani’s words may be, they aren’t surprising. Margaret Read more […]