Next Gay Agenda: Make “Open Marriages” Normal

When the Supreme Court was considering same-sex “marriage,” anytime conservatives pointed out that the vast majority of homosexuals (especially male ones) had a vastly different expectation of the institution than heterosexual couples they would be mocked as bigots. No attention was paid to their claims. But now that same-sex “marriage” is a civil right (in the Supreme Court’s imagination), homosexuals are admitting it is all true. In fact, they’re virtually campaigning for it. Thus, a homosexual Read more […]

Montana Threesome Sues for Plural Marriage

To demand a right to a plural marriage, they naturally appeal to the Supreme Court decision making same-sex “marriage” a reality and a civil right. Only five days after the Supreme Court decision that pretended that homosexual couples can be “married” and declared all states must recognize such “marriages” a threesome applied for a marriage license. In this case, it was a married couple and a single woman claiming they should be able to form a plural marriage with one husband and two Read more […]

Montana Polygamy and Reason Magazine’s Social Nihilism

Libertarians who act like Montana polygamy is something to celebrate are showing they have an agenda and ideology that goes far beyond their stated political theory. I think people should be free from political coercion to smoke tobacco if they want to do so. I think people should be free to own and possess firearms. That doesn’t mean I would post news of an increase in lung cancer as great news that more people are using their freedom. If there were more guns accidentally fired in homes Read more […]

Next Sexual Orientation: Polyamory

There’s no slippery slope but we are being told to legalize polyamory now. featured this article the very day the Supreme Court declared that same-sex marriage exists and that it is a fundamental right: “It’s Time to Legalize Polygamy: Why group marriage is the next horizon of social liberalism.” Obviously it was ready to go as soon as the Supreme Court released their verdict, which everyone knew it would. The writer attacks Liberals for not being willing to provide marriage Read more […]

If You Think This Book Shows a Slippery Slope You Must Not Be a “Smart” Liberal

“Marriage equality” isn’t a slippery slope to ending marriage and the family, we are promised. Yeah, right. Here’s a new book being published by Cambridge University Press: In Defense of Plural Marriage. With over half of Americans now in favor of marriage equality, it is clear that societal norms of marriage are being quickly redefined. The growing belief that the state may not discriminate against gays and lesbians calls into question whether the state may limit other types of marital Read more […]

“Coming Out” As A Pansexual Statist

So the Newser headline is “Maria Bello Comes Out In NYT.” I thought I knew what “coming out” now means. And, sure enough, Bello revealed to her son that she is “romantically” involved with another woman. But Bello did not exactly come out that way. She entitled her column “Coming Out as a Modern Family.” It’s hard for me even to define the term “partner.” For five years I considered my partner to be a friend then in his 70s, John Calley, with whom I talked daily. He was Read more […]

Jeremy Irons, Gay Marriage, and Incest

Though Mr. Jeremy Irons may not realize it when he made his remarks appearing to link incest and same sex marriage, in fact the lawyer of a father accused of incest in the US has already gone down this track. David Epstein’s lawyer has argued that his client’s consensual sexual relationship with his adult daughter could be seen in the same light as gay relationships. His client, a professor from Columbia University, has pled guilty to a misdemeanour charge of “attempted incest” last year. This Read more […]