Green Energy Really Is a Ponzi Scheme

The Clinton Foundation’s endorsement of a green energy company is illustrative of the entire industry. Some stories are just perfect. As reported by the Washington Free Beacon, this is one of them: “Green Energy Execs Praised by Clinton Foundation Indicted for $54M Ponzi Scheme.” Executives of a Pennsylvania green energy company singled out for praise by Bill Clinton were arrested on fraud charges on Thursday in connection with an alleged Ponzi scheme. The individuals are facing charges Read more […]

Mainstream Economist: Retirement is History

You probably knew already that retirement was over, but it is worth noting that a liberal economist is admitting it. Of course, she doesn’t hold herself or the institution where she once worked (the Federal Reserve system) in any way responsible for the mess. From the Boston Globe: “A warning on realities of work, retirement.” Alicia Munnell has never been one to sugarcoat her opinions. As a top economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston in 1991, she shook up the New England Read more […]

Amnesty Will Make Social Security Worse

Over the next 75 years the Social Security “program is scheduled to pay out $134 trillion more in benefits than it will collect in tax revenue, according to agency data.” But long before then, Social Security will be sucking wind, and worse, sucking money out of our paychecks with ever diminishing returns because of Quantitative Easting, that is, inflation (government theft). Liberals claim that amnesty will help the flow of new capital that will bail out the system. The argument goes that Read more […]

Social Security to Go Bankrupt in 18 Years and ObamaCare to Follow Soon After

Eighteen years may seem like a long time, but it’s not. In 1995 the follow events took place: A truck bomb devastated Oklahoma City Federal Building that killed 168 people O. J. Simpson was found innocent of killing his wife Nicole and Ronald Goldman Windows 95 was released by Microsoft The DVD, optical disc storage media format, was announced eBay was founded The Republican Congress shut down the government Last “Far Side” by cartoonist Gary Larson was published The year 2031 Read more […]

Other Madoff Sentenced To Ten Years

Peter Madoff, Bernie’s younger brother, has been sentenced to 10 years in jail on charges that he was connected to his brother’s $50 billion Ponzi scheme that eventually collapsed and caused its clients to lose collectively $20 billion. Peter was a lawyer and chief compliance officer as well as managing director at his brother’s firm, called Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities. Mike Adams of Natural News explained simply how the scheme worked:  “The con artist uses money from new investors Read more […]