The Conspiracy behind Pope Francis?

A Cardinal admits to his participation in the “mafia” that was successful in pushing the election of Pope Francis. As an outsider to all things Roman Catholic (other than the ancient Trinitarian Faith), I have no idea what is involved in selecting a Pope once the previous Pontiff has died or (rarely) resigned. But I think people naturally want to believe, whether they are Roman Catholic or not, that the decision is made in some sort of “spiritual” manner rather than being a hard-fought Read more […]

Is Pope Francis a Capitalist?

While I was on an investment committee conference call the white smoke appeared, and shortly thereafter we learned that an Argentinian Cardinal named Jorge Bergoglio had been elected and had chosen for himself the name Pope Francis. I shared this thought with friends and colleagues on the call: The Pope will probably move the Church culturally to the right and more likely move it economically to the left. In other words, the age old answer to the question, “Is the Pope Catholic?” is, “Yes.” Read more […]