The Republican Problem Goes Beyond Trump

Trump grabs most of the attention right now, but the Republican problem shows up in the popularity of other candidates as well. Mark Horne argued passionately that, rather than “damaging” the Republican Party, Trump is simply the damage that was caused by others. If he’s right, it is worth pointing out that Trump is not the only damage we are seeing. The Republican problem is demonstrated in other candidates. This was pointed out in an article in The Hill: “Outsiders take over the Read more […]

Obamacare Victims Don’t Have Time To Worry About Jobless Benefits

Sometimes a “Where’s the outrage” editorial only reveals that the writer has nothing to appeal to. Dana Milbank asks, “Where’s the Left’s outrage over cuts on jobless benefits.” Where have all the Democrats gone? It’s hard to imagine a better gift falling into their laps: Republicans have just thrown 1.3 million unemployed Americans out into the cold and are prepared to cut off 3.6 million others who are out of work. At a time when the long-term unemployment rate remains near its Read more […]

Megan McArdle Nails How Elitism Works In A “Democracy”

Megan McArdle wrote a post today arguing that Congress is not going to experience the same version of Obamacare as the rest of us. What does seem likely is that they will not have the experience that ordinary people have. For one thing, those who buy on the exchange are having their premiums heavily subsidized by the federal employment system. For another, as the New York Times reports, whatever exchange they’re on will make damn sure that whatever the problems regular folks encounter, Congressmen Read more […]

Has the RNC Become a Criminal Racket? Investigate, and Fire Boehner!

Many conservatives have noticed how GOP actions seem like the opposite of what GOP voters want. Boehner’s recent move against genuinely conservative Republicans has started what will hopefully be a revolution—or perhaps, a counter-revolution. Today, the top conservative blog (for now; we’re working on overtaking them) Redstate called for stripping John Boehner of his speakership: “Fire Boehner: We Only Need 16 Votes to Depose Boehner.” “Boehner and the House GOP Steering Committee Read more […]