The Obama Economy Starts to Show Again

Thanks to massive QE to infinity on the part of Ben Bernanke and the Federal Reserve (i.e. virtual money printing), the Stock Market was propped up a bit up until the election. Almost certainly many were hoping for a Romney win and thought he would be better for the economy. But now that the election is over, the truth is coming out. The euphoria is gone. The election is over and we are no longer distracted from looking at how bad the economy still is. Reuters just reported last night that Energizer Read more […]

Another Year another Trillion-Plus Dollar Deficit

Obama made some promises about the deficit in the debate he lost so badly to Romney. He told Romney that he had planned four trillion dollars in cuts. He didn’t mention that these cuts were planned out over a decade. And he didn’t mention the ballooning of Medicare costs that everyone knows will expand suddenly after that decade. Obama is trying to sell us a teaser rate to a balloon mortgage. But as we enter Obama’s fourth consecutive year of a trillion-dollar-plus deficit—something Read more […]