Russell Brand on Fifty Shades of Grey and Porn Culture

I never expected to like anything by Russell Brand but this is brilliant. There is bad language in the video below, which I wish Brand would bleep out (or not use in the first place). But it is an amazing video. I never would have watched it because I think of Brand as a fool. But in this case he shows real wisdom. Sadly, Brand knows all too well that porn can distort men and women and their sexual relationships. [See also, “Why Spend Education Dollars Exposing Students to Porn?”] (Yes he Read more […]

Why Spend Education Dollars Exposing Students to Porn?

Exposing students to porn could be avoided by not wasting money on electronic toys that pretend to be “educational.” No, I’m not just talking about the sex education propaganda or the “gay straight alliance” brainwashing clubs that colonize so-called “red states” in the public school system. I am talking about unguarded internet toys being given to young students. For example, here is a story from the Seaside Courier about a community in Southern California near San Diego: Read more […]

New Bill: Stop Federal Workers from Viewing Porn on the Job

Viewing porn on the job is such a big problem in government that Congress is trying to force them to stop. We already know that Federal employees can get performance awards even when it is known they have been spending two to six hours of their work day viewing porn on their work computers. So now Congress wants to do something about it. Bill Cushing writes at TechDirt: “Bill Introduced To Keep Bored Federal Employees From Viewing Porn While On The Clock.” Because federal employees Read more […]

Maine Governor Regrets Signing Common Core Curriculum Into Law

Remember me writing about the Common Core State Standards Initiative that was developed by the National Governors Association Center?  In reality, the production of the education curriculum was prompted by the federal government, but hidden under the guise of the state governors to help sell it to the American people. Since its inception into classrooms all across America, more and more parents have become alarmed at what the Common Core curriculum is teaching their kids.  If you recall, I shared Read more […]

Pornography Kills Again

By David Outten The body of 10-year-old Jessica Ridgeway of Colorado was found dismembered October 10. On October 23, Austin Sigg’s mother turned him over to the police as the killer. Sigg had been receiving treatment over the last two years for a pornography addiction. The case of Jessica Ridgeway is far from unusual. In 2009, there were 65,964 cases of child sexual abuse reported in the United States. German research found that 60 percent of men and 10 percent of women watch porn at Read more […]